Where to Wear a Suit?

While there are those who believe the day of the suit has died, top industry insiders point out that even for those who are not required to wear a suit on a daily basis or those who are immersed in the world of high fashion still have a suit is still an extremely important part of every mans wardrobe.

Because of the number of places where a suit is still perhaps the only fashion option designers have a myriad one can choose from whether you are into solids, pinstripes or plaids (or a combination). And with this wide array of choices, it is extremely easy to find a suit to wear for any of these suit-necessary occasions, including:


You may be just a guest or a member of the entourage, but no matter your role in the wedding, you can look classy and elegant wearing a suit. Unless the invitation calls for a specific type of dress such as a tuxedo, don’t be afraid to show off a little of your personal style. This may be a formal event but it should not stop you from looking fashionable and modern.


Looking to close that business deal? Have an interview for a new job? Meeting with the boss today? Then you better dress to impress! A suit evokes power and status and if you’re wearing one, you can easily sway the negotiation in your favor (provided you’ve also prepared a good business presentation of course).

Religious Services and Events

Dress properly for worship. It has always been a sign of respect to look your best at religious gatherings. Aside from that, for many this is the one time a week (or however often you gather) where you are together with your entire community and you will want to look your best for that reason alone!


You may not be walking on the red carpet for a premiere, but a suit will be the perfect clothing to wear to the theater, the opera or other cultural events. Plainly put, a suit is not out of place in nightlife so you can also wear a suit when attending informal parties. Should you wind up the only person wearing a suit for any reason, no need to fear. You will stand out perhaps but it will be in a good way.

Invest today in a new suit and you will have something to wear for just about any occasion, casual or a formal.

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