Where the clothes make the man

A new scientific study confirms why we feel more confident in a new, pressed suit.

“Clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves,” Dr. Adam D. Galinsky told the New York Times on April 2.

The study, which appeared in the by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, tested how individuals reacted wearing different clothes ascribed to different roles like a white doctor’s coat versus a white painter’s coat. The group wearing the doctor’s coat showed improved attention.

If wearing a drab white coat can increase your attention, imagine the boost of donning a new Ralph Lauren pinstriped suit.

The catch, though, Dr. Galinsky said, was “what happens, he mused, if you wear pimp clothes every day? Or a priest’s robes? Or a police officer’s uniform? Do you become habituated so that cognitive changes do not occur? Do the effects wear off?”

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