Wear the Hottest Shirt this Season: Striped Dress Shirts

What to Wear with Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Striped Dress Shirts

It happens every season: someone comes up with the latest men’s fashion trend, but they don’t tell you about it. Maybe you’re too busy working, hiking, playing sports, or spending time with the family. One thing you’re not doing is flipping through fashion magazines or watching cable fashion shows. This season, things are different.

The hottest dress shirt pattern this season looks to be the striped dress shirt: narrow vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stripes. Vertical stripes are a great way for men of average height look a little taller, while horizontal stripes help men of above-average height look shorter. Diagonal striped dress shirts add an elegance that we find pleasing.

Selecting a tie: A striped dress shirt with a solid necktie will make an attractive combination. A necktie with a different pattern, such as checked, will also look handsome. Just follow the rule of thumb that the pattern in your tie and the pattern in your shirt should have a common color.

Selecting a suit to wear with a striped dress shirt: A high quality, solid dark suit is always a safe choice, but don’t be afraid to wear a patterned suit if you want. Yes, you can wear a striped business suit with a striped dress shirt, but in that case you should select a business suit with stripes of a different width than those of the dress shirt. Also, select a necktie that is not striped.

Don’t try to wear a striped dress shirt, necktie, and dress suit together; make sure one article has an entirely different pattern, and you will be in style with one of the hottest fashion trends this year: the striped dress shirt.

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