Watch How You Wear It

Men Wristwatch

The way a man wears his watch says a lot about him. Let’s look at a few different ways that men often wear there watches and what it tells the rest of the world about his lifestyle and habits.

Over the Shirt
There are two kinds of men who were their watches over their shirt – overly sensitive nerd types or absolutely clueless types. The first of the two, the geek, is probably allergic to his watch but wears it anyway because it reminds of something he saw on the SciFi channel. The dense guy on the other hand probably either got dressed in the dark or for some reason thinks his watch looks great over top of his sleeve. Maybe he saw it that way in “Watches for Dummies.”

Upside Down
Upside Down wears often put their watch on the wrong side of their wrist, on the bottom side to be exact. They must then flip to the backside of their arm to be able to read there watch. This leads us all to one conclusion, they probably got the watch from their parents, are of collegiate age and just plain don’t know how to wear their watch.

A loose watch wearer often wears his watch because it is a prized family heirloom from good old grandpa. The looseness either means he’s wearing it because his wife makes him since she deems it so ‘precious’ since grandpa died or because he simply likes to be a little more comfortable than those tightwads that wear them the right way.

When a man wears his watch firmly in position he is often a business man, a goody two shoes or both. He puts his watch on this way, perfectly in position, because that’s how he probably runs the rest of his life… or tries to anyway.

Not at All
A man that doesn’t wear a watch at all might be considered a free spirit. He’s independent and won’t conform to that thing called time. No wonder he’s always late!

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