The Skinny on Big and Tall

Looking good is important to everyone  If you are anything like me you have packed on a few pounds this winter and are in the middle of the slow and painful process of shedding that extra weight to get ready for summer. But what can we do to look our best in the meantime (or if like last year if our weight loss plans don’t quite pan out again)? How do we look best when we are big and tall?


First thing is first; do not simply buy everything one or two sizes bigger. More fabric is not a cure-all for hiding extra pounds. Generally speaking,unless the article of clothing in question is a tailored men’s suit or casual item it will have a blousy effect (IE: the dreaded “muumuu look”).

The best colors for giving a slimmer appearance are dark ones. For instance, colors like Navy, Mid-Blue, Charcoal, or Black are great for shirts and suits. Patterns, especially horizontal pinstripes in similar colors work as well.  You can offset the dark colors with a white undershirt or with a bright colored tie or pocket square.

Layers, layers, layers. As long as you are not headed for a hot summer BBQ or to the pool, wear at least two layers (shirt and sweater/jacket). This will reduce any tight or hugging look around your stomach and chest as well as provide added comfort.

Plan your clothing based upon the right occasion. Attending a dinner where you will be sitting down a lot? Be sure to sit down while trying on your new clothing. We all expand when we sit and you do NOT want to put an eye out with a popped button! Will you be dancing or moving around a lot? Be sure you feel comfortable in your first layer and not just with your jacket on. Good planning goes a long way in both your comfort and your appearance.

Of course many of the issues brought up in this article can be disregarded by simply losing weight (which we encourage). However if you are anything like me, losing weight doesn’t always work out the way you plan! Regardless of your weight it is of the utmost importance professionally and personally for a man to look good take these tips and keep looking sharp!

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