The modern manzere, or is it the bro?

Our friends at recently tackled the age-old question of how to contain man-boobs that was the basis for a classic “Seinfeld” episode. The modern day answer is far removed from the memorable bro versus manzere debate between Kramer and Mr. Costanza.

Q: I am fighting the man-boob battle. What clothes should I be avoiding and which ones should I be wearing?

A: Women have been using shape-wear for years to help smooth lumps and bumps in order to get closer to achieving their ideal figure. For some reason, though, shape-wear for men has virtually remained a secret, despite being readily available. Try starting with a shaping T-shirt as your base layer, like a seamless nylon model from One Flat Jack. It will compress your chest without feeling uncomfortable, leaving you with a slimmer looking physique. Over top, layer a dress shirt that skims your body but has breathing room, and pair it with a single-breasted, dark blazer worn unbuttoned.

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