The consistently sweet smell of a succesful actor

Raul Esparza, who stars Jonas Nightingale in the musical “Leap of Faith,” has a cologne    ritual for his plays.

He uses particular colognes to conjure sensory images. “A particular smell puts me in a place so much faster than any intellectual work I could do,” he explained to the New York Times Magazine.

Esparza selects a scent and wears it until the show shutters. He’s been wearing Tom Ford for Men for this role.

For his Tony-nominated role in “Company,” Esparza chose Royal Water by Creed. “It smells like money — expensive, crispy and chilly,” he told the Times magazine. “You inhale it and ummmm, wealth! I saw my character, Bobby, as an advertising executive living in SoHo: extraordinarily successful and an ice-cold human being.”

For those looking to conjure sensory images on a budget, Esparza has also been known to sport Old Spice, because he is drawn to tobacco-y musky smells.

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