The Big and The Tall

Photo of tall man in tux.

A lot of tall and wide men have a very difficult time finding clothes to fit into. In fact, some deem it near impossible to find a perfect match and shopping is seen as a horror, as though Satan himself is running every store he the big or tall man walks into.

I am here to tell you, no matter big or thin, short or tall, it should not have to be this way. Decalo Fashion provides an enormous variety for those Big & Tall’s in need. There are suits and suit separates available from size 42 all the way up through 60. Dress shirts come in 36/37 and sleeves range from 16.5 to neck size 20. Trousers are available from a 44 through a 60 waist size. There is a complete range of hues for whatever color “suits” your fancy, a large selection of styles to compliment your personal look and enough sizes that no man is left behind.

Tall men should embrace their height because there is not much you can do to stifle it, not that you should even want to. One suggestion to you tall boys out there is to wear a solid rather than a pinstripe since stripes will further elongate a willowy figure. On the other hand big men can wear slimming colors like dark navy or opt for pinstripes for a trimmer look.

Photo courtesy of David Schauer.

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