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Celebrities Who Look Great In a Suit

Want to be as unstoppable as some of the world’s most famous men? Then follow the lead of these three male celebrities and get yourself into a suit!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has become an institution not only in Hollywood but also in the fashion world. I’m sure every female in town will agree with me that he would look dashing even in rags but he takes extra effort to bring the class and charm when he wears his suits. If you’ve watched his latest movie The Tree of Life or have followed any of his public appearances, then you have probably spotted him wearing his suits in a few different ways. Brad gives the 3-piece apparel a different kind of kick when he wears it, whether with a tie, a plain shirt inside or with just a grin.

George Clooney
This guy is another celebrity who has brought back the suit in style. Clooney’s love affair with suits dates back well before his role in Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, which featured most or all characters in sharp bespoke couture, and it hasn’t  stopped. A lot of men wear jeans around town but George Clooney, with his classy suits, is a different breed. Rarely spotted not sporting formal wear he has managed to look free from the restrictions of the trends that come and go each year, embracing instead a timeless men’s style.

David Beckham

This top sportsman looks great in and out of his soccer uniform, especially when he is wearing a suit. We spied David Beckham wearing a crisp gray number with a silver tie during the North American tour of Prince William and he did not disappoint. The Ralph Lauren suit he wore during the recent highly publicized Royal Wedding made him look like royalty.

These three male celebrities continue to show the world that class and magnetism comes hand in hand. While they do not need to wear a Suit to look elegant, these men get noticed and enhance their image for going that extra mile. You can too but for a lot less money at

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