Style matters even to the hunters

Now more than ever, men are focused on what image they project based on what they wear.

In the age of Internet, men can research their suits and sport coats online like they would with a new car.

“I’m not just talking about a `fashion guy,’ ” said Gilt Groupe’s Tyler Thoreson. “For many men, your wardrobe is part of your program of discernment. They’ll learn about it like a car or a wine or a watch.”

Men then hit the stores or online retailers, such as, like they are on a mission, said Eric Jennings of Saks Fifth Avenue.

“Men travel in herds, and when it’s OK in your friendship group to care about how you look on the weekends, it spreads pretty quickly,” Allen Edmonds CEO Paul Grangaard told the Associated Press. “Since the recession of 2008, you’re always networking. Men dress better for midweek coffees and lunches and on weekends because you never know who you’ll run into where. You always want to look secure, stable and reliable.”

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