Scarves Done Right

Mens wool Scarf

Always seeing men you think are stylish sporting scarves in the winter months but you just don’t know how to take on the task? is here to make it easy for you. We offer a selection of Bruno Piatelli designer unisex scarves. The 100% lambswool fabric is soft and flawless. They also come in a variety of colors such as black, white, navy, brown, maroon, camel, red and gray. If you are fashion challenged your best bet is to pick a neutral color – which 99% of ours are – so you are sure that it will match to anything you might wear it with.

Wear it with… right, onto that part! It’s easier than you think. If you want to look like a top level exec or you are one for that matter, hold both end in one hand and the rounded end in the other, put the scarf around your neck and loop the two loose ends through the rounded one. This is an easy, elegant look that any many can pull off. If you aren’t quite comfortable with a loop yet, wrap it around your neck the way you might your gym towel or even throw one half over your shoulder.

You can wear your scarf with anything but it looks chicest with a nice jacket or coat. Just make sure you are comfortable and confident. If your not, everyone will be able to tell. Hold your strapping head high, loop on that scarf and go! You’ll not only stay warmer but now you’ll be that stylish guy other guys wish they were!

Photo courtesy of Martin Walls.

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