Pants: Which Types Are Best For you?

Pants: Which Types Are Best For you?

Most people take pants for granted because after all, they are just trousers and aside from their color and fit, there’s really nothing to choose from. You will be amazed to realize that there are actually different types of pants and choosing the best ones that will fit your body built can make you look more attractive.

Slacks/Dress Pants

If you belong to the ‘hip’ generation then you may have written traditional men’s slacks off a long time ago. Think twice! Not only are they are comfortable because they are usually made of superfine wool and/or blends but they are able to go with any outfit. Have a business meeting at 4pm but meeting a special lady for a cocktail at 6pm? No need to change, your dress pants fit both situations with ease.


The vertically-ribbed corduroys have come a long way, especially the ones with thin ridges. The thicker corduroys are however more comfortable for men during winter if you want to keep warm while looking good. There is a wide array of color choices when it comes to corduroy making these pants a favorite among men of all ages.


If you lead a laid back and comfortable lifestyle then the jeans are a good fit. They are durable and should be part of every man’s fashion wardrobe at any age. While jeans are always made of denim, you can always choose from the variety of colors, washes and even styles. The straight-cut jeans are the most comfortable for men, but there are men who favour the flared ones. Jeans are great for men who feel comfortable wearing sweaters and shirts most of the time. Pair your jeans with a white button-down shirt, and see how the girls react!

There are many other types of pants that will come your way but if you love the good life and looking the part, then these three three are essential additions to your wardrobe.

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