Off the cuff style

dress pants cuff

When tailoring a sharp new suit one of many questions to address is to cuff or not to cuff the pants.

Style experts now agree cuffing dress pants is the way to go.

“I like cuffs on pants of just about any fabric,” designer Michael Bastian told GQ recently. “Of course, when you’re dealing with heavier corduroys and tweeds, the cuffs serve a purpose: They give the pants some weight, so they fall better. I say, if you’re gonna go for a cuff, go for it; make it at least an inch and a quarter deep.

“As for the break, 90 percent of guys keep it classic, where the front of your pants hits the top bit of your shoes and the back of them touches the tops of your heels. That always works—but if you know what you’re doing, then you can play around a bit and show a little ankle,” Bastian said.

Remember to bring a pair of shoes to the tailor to help achieve the proper length for your new suit pants.

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