Men’s Style That Rocks

Some fashionable men do not have to make a conscious effort to choose a style that will suit them. For these rare men, style comes naturally. But for the rest of us, still unsure of our style preference, you need to look no further than the latest issue of Rolling Stone or MOJO magazine to be glad to know that a familiar and affordable era of rock and roll fashion is back!

The rock style popularized by The Beatles and other bands before and after them in the late 50′s through the mid 60′s focused on matching suits and distinctive haircuts. The high-fashion hip hop and rock styles of the new generation are undoubtedly influenced by this old but unrelenting style from the early days of rock. Here are several wardrobe must-haves if you want to go for a new take on the established rock style.

Sport Coat or Jacket

The sport coat or leather jacket has never left and is in fact a favorite fashion piece not only by the young generation, but also by the more matured executives who still want to rock despite their age.

Button Down Shirt

The right shirts can give you that cool look so make sure you invest in several plaid shirts. You can layer this with the sport coat.

Slim Pants

Get the real rock look by investing in several pieces of dark slim pants, which are guaranteed to look great with your layered shirt and jacket. This works for all seasons.

More than the clothes, shoes and accessories of course, the rock style is about confidence in yourself. So when shopping for your new digs at start with your attitude, and the rest will follow.

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