Louis Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs on quality, craftmanship and luxury


The Wall Street Journal‘s Tina Gaudoin recently caught up with fashion designer Marc Jacobs for an interview where he described designing with his own savvy instincts rather than watching sales statistics.

“Since Jacobs has taken the creative helm at Louis Vuitton, where he has been responsible for some of the company’s most lucrative and fastest-selling products, the LVMH-owned brand has gone from strength to strength, with sales now estimated at more than €6 billion.”


Jacobs says that fashion is all about change. “For me, fashion is about a journey, it’s about going on a trip and taking with you what is always a loose interpretation of the brand,” he said. “I think of the customer as coming on that journey with me.”

Quality, craftsmanship and luxury are the buzz words in Jacob’s design.

“Those three words are always at the forefront of what we do. I apply the principles of the brand to the ready-to-wear, the jewelry, the accessories—to everything we do, in fact. Everything at Louis Vuitton is about quality.”

Jacobs, a New York City native, is a thinking man’s designer. “I think having a certain intelligence within design is important,” he said. “I’m naturally drawn to perversity and the idea of questionable style, but I don’t like to be too literal with it. I like to play with the idea of imperfection.”

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