Looking Your Best in the Workplace

Starting a new job? Gunning for that promotion? Concerned that you are not looking your best in the office? 

In the business world it is of the utmost importance to not only make a good first impression but to turn that impression into your reputation by maintaining the high standards in appearance and work ethic. While the latter is completely up to you we have some simple rules you can follow in order to keep your office style top-notch.

The suit is your canvas. It needs to fit well, be of a contemporary style (IE: no 70’s throwback sport coats) and it needs to fit your office dress code. First and foremost a good suit needs to fit perfectly. Do not settle for a near perfect fit. Unless your body type is extremely rare and EXACTLY fits an off-the-rack suit size you must have the suit tailored. Tailoring the suit will bring out your best look by favoring your body’s qualities while downplaying its drawbacks.

The color of the suit should be your next concern. Black, Navy, Gray, Dark Brown. These are all colors that easily look sharp in the office environment. If your office is a bit less conservative then you can feel free to branch out into less traditional colors or a sport coat/pant combination. If you are worried about which color to go for, you can’t go wrong with black.

Match your dress shirt with your suit. How exotic you can make your shirt colors and whether you go for a French Cuff (formal) or Barrel Cuff (less formal) depends solely on the formality of your workplace. You can’t go wrong with classic white, cadet or light blue. Other basic colors work well such as cream, pink, black and silver. Be conscious of how your shirt will look without your suit coat on. A good business outfit is essentially two separate outfits, one with the jacket and one without. Don’t forget to match your dress shirt with good looking ties, pocket squares and other accessories. . Ties, cufflinks, money clips and wallets are all part of an outfit and should be picked very carefully. People will notice them, good or bad.

Never underestimate the importance of shoes in accenting your suit. Make sure the colors match your suit and your socks and make sure that your shoes are always polished. That last point can’t be harped upon enough. A basic shoe polishing kit is inexpensive and shining your own shoes takes only 10 minutes every night or every other evening. Nothing says “I am lazy” like scuffed up shoes.Also you don’t need to spend designer prices to get designer style. Check out our selection of shoes here.

Looking good = being taken seriously.

If you want to stand out and have your boss and/or co-workers listen to what you have to say you will have to rely on both your actions and your wardrobe.  Do not ever go into work with an old worn out suit and expect to be taken as seriously as you are when you look your best, it simply won’t happen. Yes it is vain but it is also reality.  Good luck!

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