Long-Term Men’s Suit Storage

Improper long term storage can be fatal to the quality of your suit if not properly executed. Store your suit improperly for a season and you could find the suit damaged or the quality of the suit diminished. Keeping the following basic techniques in mind will go a long way in preserving your suit in the long and short run.

The main materials that one needs to properly care for their suit are as follows: A simple clothes brush, a heavy duty wooden hanger, and a garment bag or properly sized plastic covering.

Prior to hanging your suit, lay it flat on a table, ironing board or other hard surface and brush it with the clothes brush. This will remove dirt and lint as well as rejuvenate the wool. The importance of this step can not be underestimated. If skipped your suit will show signs of aging and wear much quicker.

A very important aspect of men’s suit care is to always have your suit jackets hung on good coat hangers that have broad, rounded shoulder supports. All SuitBargains.com Men’s Suits come with heavy wood hangers suitable for long-term storage. There are merchants such as the Hanger Project which create high-end size specific hangers. These hangers can be costly but are well worth the money (especially for long term seasonal storage).

The main point on hangers is to avoid those cheap metal wire hangers for your suits. They are too flimsy and will never be able to properly support a men’s suit.

Now that your suit is brushed and secured on a heavy-duty hanger we have to make final preparations for long-term storage. Unbutton the suit jackets and remove any items in the pockets. This will ease strain on the jacket’s pocket to keep it in its original shape.

Before we put the suit into its garment bag or plastic we must let it ‘air’ for about 24 hours. With the suit on the heavy duty hanger (and not in plastic or a garment bag) place it outside of a closet (on the closet door knob for instance) and let the suit sit for an overnight. Again the point with this step is to help rejuvenate the wool and dry up any moisture trapped in your suit.

Next while on the hanger lightly brush the suit one last time and promptly seal it up in its garment bag or plastic. Now your suit is ready for long term storage. Make sure you store it in a closet with a little room (don’t cram it in if you can avoid doing so).

Follow these steps and enjoy your suit not just when it is new but for many seasons to come!

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