How Venting Makes you Comfortable and Stylish

Double-Vented, Single-Vented, and Non-Vented Suits

If there is a business suit, sport coat, blazer, or jacket in your closet, you have probably noticed the presence of slits along the jacket sides or back. These slits, known as “vents,” are important to helping the dress suit jacket hang nicely whether you are standing or seated. Here is an overview of dress suit vent options available in a man’s suit, and the affect of them.

Non-vented dress suit jackets are relatively rare. They hang nicely when you are standing, but bunch up when you are seated or if you put your hands in the jacket pockets, which is commonly thought impolite.

Single-vented dress suit jackets are common in single-breasted business suits but never occur in double-breasted suits. The single vent is a slit at the bottom, back of the jacket that helps the jacket hang better when the wearer is seated.

Double-vented dress suit jackets are common in single-breasted and double-breasted suits alike. There is one vent on each side of the jacket, at the bottom. This allows the jacket to hang to its best advantage when the wearer is standing, seated, or has his hands in his jacket pockets. If you like to stand with your hands in your pant pockets, the double-vented dress suit jacket will hang better than either single-vented or non-vented dress suit jackets.

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