How to Snag Justin Timberlake’s Style

Justin Timberlake

You might not be into “bringing sexy back” however you must admit that with his looks, cool attitude and innate sense of style, JT is a fashion icon for men lately. I mean, how else would he get chicks like pre-meltdown Britney, hang ten Cameron and bootylicious Jessica?

Timberlake works a gentlemen’s style with a quirky twist. He might wear a stylish pinstriped suit with sneakers. Although this isn’t recommended, if you can pull it off like Justin, knock yourself out! In his “What Goes Around” video, he wears dress pants and a dress shirt yet in another scene he has on dress pants, a wifebeater and suspenders. He keeps his manly edge but incorporates his own funky sense into everything. Bottom line is, keep it the look 1/3 gentlemen, 1/3 southern comfort and 1/3 trendsetter, regardless of whether your trying to snag JT’s look or not.

You may not have Justin’s looks but rather the laid back attitude and style sense. As the immortal Meatloaf once said, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

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