How to Fit Yourself for a Dress Shirt

An Elegant Dress Shirt Deserves the Right Fit

You can always go to a tailor or menswear store to get your shirt measurements for an dress shirt, but you can also do it for yourself. When purchasing ready-made dress shirts, have the following measurements available:

Neck: To take this shirt measurement, encircle your neck with the measuring tape, placing two fingers between your neck and the tape measure. The tape should be around the base and around your Adam’s apple. Don’t make this measurement too tight—the neck is one place where you will definitely notice shirt shrinkage if the shirt measurement is too small.

Chest: For the chest shirt measurement, place the tape high under your arms at the widest point, covering your chest and shoulder blades and completely level. While you breathe normally, have a friend insert a finger between your chest and the measuring tape.

Waist: This shirt measurement is taken by encircling your waist at the broadest level, generally at the level of the navel. Keep the tape comfortable, not tight.

Hip: For this shirt measurement, your hips should be measured around the widest point of the seat, without being tight.

Sleeve: Raise you arm in front to a horizontal position, bend your elbow so that forearm is parallel with your chest with the palm facing downward. The shirt measurement for your sleeve should be taken from the base of the neck, horizontally around shoulder and elbow to the prominent bone of the wrist.

A final note about taking your shirt measurements: as with any quality dress shirt, it takes several washings for an dress shirt to shrink to its final size. This is why your dress shirts should not be your final shirt size when you order them, but slightly larger. Once you have your shirt measurements, you can order high grade Italian dress shirts online from with complete confidence.

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