How to Care for Your Silk Ties

Silk tie care

So you’ve been browsing and you decided to buy some great designer ties. You’re unsure of the fabric or the care methods but you just know you’re going to be a lady killer when you add these to your usual, bland, white button up look. You get them home and think “These are great! But how to I keep them so they don’t wrinkle like my old ones?”

Problem solved. First things first, you are probably buying the wrong ties. Cheap silks and other fabrics tend to wrinkle and crease. You get what you pay for – no matter if it’s a house or a tie – and that’s a fact of life my friend. Check out DeCalo Fashion’s main website for some stylish designer ties. They are made of 100% imported silks and come with a wrinkle free stamp guaranteed by yours truly. While I am sure there exceptions to the rule, if you are buying fine ties they shouldn’t wrinkle. If they do, look at the way that you are storing them. They should be hung with care or laid flat out with nothing on top of them aside from another tie perhaps. If you are having wrinkle problems by traveling, try to lay the ties flat in the bottom of your suit case with as little folds as possible. This will leave a smaller margin for wrinkle errors. If they still crease, hang them in the bathroom while you take a shower or just steam up the bathroom. Leave the tie hanging for about 10 to 15 minutes and when you come back, poof, the tie is back in business.

And last but not least, don’t lay an iron on the tie. More than likely, if you aren’t a professional, you will ruin it since most good ties are dry clean only.

Photo courtesy of Päivi Rytivaara.

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