How to Buy Dress Pants with Uncut Hems

For the Best Fit and Style, Purchase Dress Pants with Uncut Hems

When you purchase a high quality pair of wool dress pants, the experts recommends “unfinished” or “uncut” hems.  Here you will learn what uncut hems are, how they benefit you, and what to do after you receive your dress pants.

Wearing a high quality wool suit also means having dress pants with the correct inseam. Uncut hems are simply trousers that have not had the final hem sewn in at the bottom of the pant legs. Uncut hems on dress slacks enable you to have your trousers customized to your particular inseam length. In addition, you have the flexibility of choosing straight or cuffed hems.

When buying your suit or dress pants in general, you should take your suit measurements to verify that both the jacket and the waist will fit, and that your inseam and outseam length are shorter than the uncut hem length of the trousers.

When you receive your dress pants, take them to an experienced tailor who will set the hem to the perfect length. Also take the shoes you intend to wear with the dress pants to help the tailor better judge the length.

You may have been tempted to purchase cheap dress pants with a set inseam length, but from now on you know that for the best fit, you should purchase dress pants with uncut hems.

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