How Often Should you Dry Clean your Suit?

Quality Wool Dress Suits Require Less Dry Cleaning than Cheap Alternatives

Any man who owns a high-end suit or suit separate should be aware of the basics of dress suit care. High quality wool suits require less frequent dry cleaning than their cheaper cotton or linen counterparts. With cotton or linen suits, on the other hand, the tendency to stain or wrinkle makes extra cleaning and pressing a necessity

Top quality worsted wool dress suits may be worn many times over a period of months. When the time does come to clean them, always use professional dry cleaning services; we have known men who made the mistake of sending their suits through the wash, and the amount of shrinkage was truly remarkable.

Between wearings, hang your dress suit to let the wrinkles fall out and the fabric breath. Slacks hung upside down from the hems, instead of folded at the knees, will wear the best. Hang the jacket on a molded hanger to reinforce the shoulder structure.

Remember that with each dry cleaning, any dress suit will lose a little color. Normally this is not noticeable, but if you make the mistake of splitting the jacket and slacks when dry cleaning your dress suit, the colors will begin to change. Dry clean both pants and jacket at the same time for a suit that has consistent color and is attractive through many seasons.

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