Growing male appearance obsession depicted in documentary ‘Mansome’

Mansome,” the latest documentary from the director of “Super SIze Me,” provides an in-depth look at how male vanity is on the rise in America today.

“We’ve created this society where what you project externally matters, almost more than anything else,” said director Morgan Spurlock after a screening last month. “To say it doesn’t matter how a man looks anymore is untrue.”

“Mansome,” which opens in select cities this week, features vignettes on individuals such as champion beard grower, a pro wrestler and a barber who creates customized toupees.The documentary also includes commentary from actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.

“I think male vanity has lived in many different forms,” Ben Silverman, an executive producer of the film told the Boston Globe. “But it may be entering its most superficial era ever. It was once tied with Darwinist elements such as procreating. Now it’s about six-pack abs and fake tans.”

The New York Post, however, panned “Mansome” in a review that said “The movie purports to be a lighthearted look at changing notions of masculinity and appearance. But unless you find something intrinsically hilarious about a man getting a pedicure, laughs are scarce.”

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