Fashion Disaster Prevention

Fashion Disaster

Steven Tyler, a portrait of how not to dress, on the beach in Maui.

Pennsylvania’s Morning Call newspaper March 30 published a great list of how men shouldn’t dress.

A recent market research survey by Mintel found that 25 percent of all men who bought clothes in the last year, and 40 percent of younger men, said they would dress more stylishly if only they knew how.

Some highlights:


The ideal length for slacks is that they touch the top of your shoe heel. Never ever should dress pants drag on the ground. Too short trousers, which show socks at the back, is just as bad.

“Pants that are too long do not make you look taller,” says men’s fashion expert Joe Lupo, co-founder of Trousers with cuffs make you look shorter too.


A tailor can be your best friend for sleeves that are too long or a shirt that’s too big. With a jacket, show one-quarter inch of shirt cuff, one-half inch if you’re wearing a french cuff shirt with cufflinks.

With dress shirts, button all the buttons on the collar. Yes, if a button is missing or hanging by a thread, it will be noticed. So get the needle out or take it to the dry cleaner.

The full article with more style tips can be found here.

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