Fall Officegear

Man in SweaterTired of wearing the same old sports coat to the office? Well your co-workers are probably tired of looking at you in that tired coat too. It’s time to spice it up a little bit while you are warming up for winter.

First, to keep warm in the cold, you’ll want to dress in layers. We are not talking about the ‘fashionable’ layers that is trendy for women right now (if you even knew about that!). We are talking about wearing an undershirt beneath your button up shirt. Once you’ve got on your button up, if you aren’t a top dog, you can either throw on a tie or a jacket – yes, you can choose either or – put on your slacks and be out the door. In cooler months, opt for a sweater in lieu of a jacket. A tie underneath makes a sweater look a lot more pulled together so you strongly consider the tie/sweater combo especially if your boss is a hard headed on the dress code.

And if you are the boss, you might want to keep sweater wearing to a minimum and maximize the tie/jacket combo. As the pres, head exec or whatever your status is, it probably would not be wise to show up with the sleeves of your button up shirt rolled to your elbows and jeans on your bottom half. Having on a jacket and tie looks more professional and that is probably the look you are going for considering your head honcho status.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.org

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