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Although not as obvious as women’s trends, men’s clothing takes on trends too. The dress shirt has been M.I.A. for the last few seasons and replaced with a more casual, kicked back look. Well my friend, the dress shirt is making a highly anticipated comeback. SuitBargains.com stocks a large variety of dress shirts for any man. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your newest dress shirt.

Think about your collar style. The right one will frame your face and make you look like a stylish stand out. Consider this – a tab collar, which has height, will shorten a long neck while a straight point collar will length a wide face due to its straighter proportions. Choose a collar proportion that will compliment your faces shape.

Your cuffs should fit just right, nice and snug, around on your wrists. This will avoid any mishaps like your sleeves riding up or your cuffs being so tight they cut off circulation to your hands.

Make sure you choose a hue that will suit your own coloring. The blue family looks good on just about everyone. Off white will make paler skin appear a little bit more alive. Fall colors like olive green, orange and mustard yellow are often difficult to pull off for most. Choose accordingly.

Quality over quantity is always a good rule to keep when buying dress shirts. Make sure all of the seams disappear into the fabric and that everything is on the straight and narrow. Make sure nothing is fraying, puckering or uneven. Quality fabric is also an essential, not only for the comfort factor, but for the lifetime of the shirt. The higher quality the fabric, the better wear you will get.

Photo courtesy of Ramasamy Chidambaram.

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