Dress Pants Deconstructed

The Main Components of a Quality Pair of Dress Pants

You wear them everyday, but what really makes for a quality set of dress pants? Here the experts at DeCalo Fashion reveal the main components of quality dress pants: waistband, pleats, pockets, lining, hem tape, and cuffs.

Waistband: The waist of quality dress pants will be carefully lined with fabric that is divided at the back and includes excess for adjustments. Inside the waist you will also find buttons for suspenders. You may have flat front or pleated pants; both are in style.

Pleats: Pleats are folds that extend downward from the front of dress pants. They allow a greater range of movement, especially since the pant tends to widen when you sit down. Pleats are commonly single, double, or an inverted double pleats. Both pleated and non-pleated slacks are in style.

Pockets: In a good pair of dress pants, the pockets will be made of a sturdy fabric and sewn with small, detailed stitching.

Lining: On high quality dress pants, you should expect lining that extends down to the knees inside each pant leg.

Hem tape: Your tailor will add a thin strip of hem tape to the bottom hem of your dress pants. The tape helps protect the trouser seam from damage.

Cuffs: Turned up hems-cuffs-add an elegant touch to dress pants, but they are not for everyone. On the plus side, they add more weight to the leg to help the trousers to hang better. On the negative side, dress pants with cuffs tend to make short men look even shorter.

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