Don’t Be A Slacks Slacker!

Things You May Not Know About Slacks

If you want to look fashionable without actually looking like a fashion victim, then choose your pants well. Pants come in different materials and you can choose from a wide variety of materials like micro fiber, wool and polyester among others. Of course, the best option is a wool or a wool-blend.

Men seem for some reason to be obsessed with 100-percent cotton pants without the slightest idea of how to explain this misguided obession. Sure, they have their advantages (the feel on the first wear) however their disadvantages (mainly shrinkage and subsequent deterioration)  FAR outweigh any perceived advantages.

So if you have been sticking to 100% cotton isn’t it about time you step it up a bit to something different like wool or blended slacks. If you have some perfect cotton slacks already in your arsenal, reduce the amount of time that you wear them. Reduce their time at the dry cleaners and getting stretched around on a busy night.

If you want slacks that will still feel and look comfortable after a hard day’s work or a night-full of meetings, then choose a wool fabric that is wrinkle resistant and ready to stand up to whatever your busy life throws at it.

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