DIY Pocket Square

Before you start, you have to gather all of your materials, as any DIY stud knows. Get square pattern (or whatever you may choose), a silk fabric, ruler, marking pencil, thread, needle and sharp scissors (to make sure it cuts the fabric smoothly).

Once you have everything together, you can start in on your pocket square. Smooth out your skills and place the pattern on top. Draw a line directly onto the fabrics. Allow ½ to ¾ of any inch on each side for the rolled edge. Carefully cut your silk on the drawn line. You may also use a rotary cutter if it is easier for you. Be sure the blade is new to allow for a precise line.

After you cut, your square is ready for rolling. Gently press the edges around the silk to make the rolling easier. Slowly roll one side. Do not pin or iron. This will flatten the fabric. With a gentle touch make a nice even roll. They can be as thick or thin as you’d like.

After you’ve rolled one side, start sewing by putting the needle down into the roll and coming up into the flat area of the fabric. Repeat in an even manner. Soon you should be able to sew and roll at the same time. Five to 10 stitches per inch is all that is needed. Once the first side is done, start again on the opposite side. Keep going until all sides are complete.

Presto! You have your own pocket square. Martha Stewart better watch out!

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