Disregarding the belt?

The newest thing with men’s fashion seems to be comfort and ease. That being said we’ve seen the demise of the suit and tie combo of late. “Is it really okay to wear suit pants without a belt,” you ask? We say yes, as long as the pants fit and fit well. Should you decide that you’re just not the man to wear a belt, take your suit to a tailor pronto. Have the tailor take the suit in so it fits perfectly. Have the belt loops removed and save them just incase you jump back on the belt bandwagon. Why remove the loops? Without being used they just slop up the look – and looking sharp is the main goal here!

A good tailor will also give you several other sans belt options. Your chosen one should be adjustable side tabs. These little guys won’t show from the outside but you know that you can adjust them to achieve maximum comfort through holiday feasting or when your pants are weighed down by carrying too much in your pockets. You should also be given the option of buttons for suspenders to hold those pants up. Just watch out for a suspender ‘low-rise’ because crack kills. If all else fails, just keep the loops, wear a belt and say to heck with fashion trends!

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