‘Details’ Charts Seismic Shift In Last Decade of Men’s Fashion

The last decade has experienced a seismic shift in men’s fashion as the definition of masculinity has changed, according to two experts.

“I was actually going back yesterday and looking at fashions from the 1990s,” Calvin Klein Men’s Creative Director Italo Zucchelli told Thread NY. “And I was like, “Oh my god” – especially when I was looking at men’s fashion. In the last ten years, things have changed enormously. 15 years ago, you wouldn’t even call clothes for men fashion sometimes.”

A renewed interest in fashion has reinvigorated the classic suit and sport coat.

“I see a lot of younger guys returning to the suit,” Details editor in chief Dan Peres told Thread NY. “I think wearing a suit is great, but I also think that breaking up a suit is something men are doing — it’s a much more versatile element in a man’s wardrobe now.”

He added, “Guys, more than anything else right now, want “luxe casual.” They want quality stuff, but they don’t necessarily always want to feel buttoned up. So whether it’s a great pair of chinos, a great pair of shorts, that’s what they are shopping for.”

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