Decoding Invitations


Sometimes events hit us like a ton of bricks. One day we’re merrily strolling along, telling ourselves how much money we’re saving by not spending it on weddings and hoopla every weekend. The next minute, we wish we would’ve bitten our tongue when we get home to 5 invitations for parties over the course of the next 2 months. Darn! And decoding what to wear? Impossible!

Whenever you go anywhere it is better to be over dressed than under. Having said that, don’t go too crazy or you’ll look ridiculous. If you have something on and you feel uncomfortable or uneasy if it will match with the invitations criteria, then take it off and try again.

Now on to the deciphering part. There are so many different kinds of dress codes that it is difficult to keep track. Here’s a list of the most notorious invitation dress codes alike with a few suggestions on what type of clothing you can pick up that will adhere to almost everything on this list. And for the more formal stuff, you can pick up everything suggested right here at Decalo Fashion. No worries!

Casual: A simple ‘casual dress’ means anything goes. Pull out those old holey jeans and even holier Led Zeppelin concert tee and get to it!

Business Casual: Boss got you feeling like you aren’t “appropriate” again? Well he just might be the one who is wrong. Denim, cotton or corduroy pants fit under the business casual code as do knitwear (aka your favorite Polo shirt).

Informal: A business suit and tie will do. Depending on how informal the hosts are jeans and a jacket might also be okay.

Semi-Formal: In America, Semi-Formal sits between business casual and black tie. This usually calls for a suit for men but nice khakis, a button up shirt and a tie will suffice in certain situations.

Formal: Formal is big time. Get out your tuxedo and shine up your shoes.

Cocktail: Technically, like semi-formal, this means a suit for men. But again, rules have been lax on cocktail attire the last few years and jeans with a great blazer or jacket as well khakis, a nice button up and a tie will work too. Looking polished is key no matter what you wear here.

Black Tie: Yeah buddy, this means get out your best tux, lace up your best shoes and paste a smile on your face whether your happy about it or not!

White Tie: This is the best of the best. White Tie is often described in the way royalty would dress so act accordingly. This is the most formal dress code.

Photo courtesy of Sophie.

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