Color Coordination Made Easy

Mens suit color coordination

For women, color coordinating is easy. We all know exactly what flatters our skin tone with makeup, clothes, shoes, hair color and anything else us women use to make ourselves up. Men on the other hand, more often than not, choose no-no colors on a regular basis that have people cringing in their clashing shadow. Here is color coordination made easy. I know you might not want to compare yourself to a fine spring day but if you figure out just what “season” you fall under now, you can just remember what colors look good on you and forget that this whole “season” thing ever happened. Or if you want you can call up your buddies and tell them you are a “spring.” That’s up to you!

Spring: Spring complexions are warm and usually creamy white or peach. You will generally have light, strawberry blonde or red hair possibly accompanied by freckles, rosy cheeks and blue or green eyes. Bright colors will work for you – peach, light pink, coral, yellow, camel, turquoise and any shade of green from lime to hunter. Dark, muted colors as well as highly contrasting black and white should be avoided at all costs.

Summer: Summer’s are cool. These complexions usually have a blue or pink undertone. Your skin will be pale and pink. More often than not, summer people have naturally blonde or brunette hair with pale eyes. Wearing clothes with blue or rose colored undertones is the way to go. Wearing dusty pink (pink is manly!), lavender, rose gold, silver, white gold, pale yellow and nearly any shade of blue will work well. Orange can be deadly.

Autumn: Autumn’s are warm. If you’re an autumn you will have golden undertones. A lot of red heads and brunettes with golden brown or hazel eyes fall under this category. Your colors are easy to remember. Just think of leaves changing color in the fall such as caramel, beige, orange, gold, copper, bronze, dark reds and olive. Tans and browns should be your colors of choice while pink should not.

Winter: Winter’s are cool and often have blue or pink undertones like summer. The difference is that the skin can be a very pale white, yellowish, olive or dark. You will mostly likely be brunette with deeply colored eyes. Many Asians and African Americans are Winter’s. The best color combos for you are true white and true black as well as cool grays, reds, bright pink, silver, platinum, white gold and jewel tones. What’s a jewel tone? Think about all those rocks your girlfriend has asked you for – emerald, sapphire, ruby – now that’s a jewel tone! It would be best to avoid beige, orange, gold, brown or any other washed out shades.

Now that you know your colors, get out their and get the suit, separates, belts, shirts and ties that work best for you. You can thank me later for all the compliments that will start pouring in.

Photo courtesy of Marja Flick-Buijs.

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