Choosing the Best Tie

Should Your Tie Be Dictated By Tradition?

Women have more choices than men when it comes to accessories so a man’s best bet to a great wardrobe is an arsenal of suits (mostly dark with one or two exceptions to your taste), along with a BIG variety of ties, shirts and pocket squares to compliment them. Think a bit before you accessorize.

If you’re the conservative type of guy or work in an environment that encourages traditional/conservative business attire, then there is little room to don exciting ties for you. But if you are playful, ready to create your own character and experiment with fashion, then the tie may be your best ally for a distinctive style.

Tradition dictates that men should buy ties that match the color of their suits or dress shirts. This tradition notwithstanding, contrasting ties and bright standout patterns are making a big impact in the men’s fashion world lately! Consider picking up a few contrasting and / or bright ties, both solid colored and in patterns. Also consider learning a few new knots.

Red ties will make you the center of attention. It spells power and dominance so be prepared for the extra attention you will get when you wear a solid red tie, especially to an event where all the men are expected to wear conservative ties. It is possible to still wear a hint of this color without being too bold and that is by wearing a different shade such as burgundy or maroon. This can be reserved for less formal business or social events.

When you want to appear peaceful and calm, then nothing beats wearing blue ties. While this is a traditional color, you can choose a more playful hue or pattern that will produce the effect you desire.

Wearing different-colored ties, sometimes with bold designs may not be the norm for you, but who wants to be boring? If you want to make a statement then the tie is a good item to start with.

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