Fall Officegear

Man in SweaterTired of wearing the same old sports coat to the office? Well your co-workers are probably tired of looking at you in that tired coat too. It’s time to spice it up a little bit while you are warming up for winter.

First, to keep warm in the cold, you’ll want to dress in layers. We are not talking about the ‘fashionable’ layers that is trendy for women right now (if you even knew about that!). We are talking about wearing an undershirt beneath your button up shirt. Once you’ve got on your button up, if you aren’t a top dog, you can either throw on a tie or a jacket – yes, you can choose either or – put on your slacks and be out the door. In cooler months, opt for a sweater in lieu of a jacket. A tie underneath makes a sweater look a lot more pulled together so you strongly consider the tie/sweater combo especially if your boss is a hard headed on the dress code.

And if you are the boss, you might want to keep sweater wearing to a minimum and maximize the tie/jacket combo. As the pres, head exec or whatever your status is, it probably would not be wise to show up with the sleeves of your button up shirt rolled to your elbows and jeans on your bottom half. Having on a jacket and tie looks more professional and that is probably the look you are going for considering your head honcho status.

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Off the cuff style

dress pants cuff

When tailoring a sharp new suit one of many questions to address is to cuff or not to cuff the pants.

Style experts now agree cuffing dress pants is the way to go.

“I like cuffs on pants of just about any fabric,” designer Michael Bastian told GQ recently. “Of course, when you’re dealing with heavier corduroys and tweeds, the cuffs serve a purpose: They give the pants some weight, so they fall better. I say, if you’re gonna go for a cuff, go for it; make it at least an inch and a quarter deep.

“As for the break, 90 percent of guys keep it classic, where the front of your pants hits the top bit of your shoes and the back of them touches the tops of your heels. That always works—but if you know what you’re doing, then you can play around a bit and show a little ankle,” Bastian said.

Remember to bring a pair of shoes to the tailor to help achieve the proper length for your new suit pants.

The Big and The Tall

Photo of tall man in tux.

A lot of tall and wide men have a very difficult time finding clothes to fit into. In fact, some deem it near impossible to find a perfect match and shopping is seen as a horror, as though Satan himself is running every store he the big or tall man walks into.

I am here to tell you, no matter big or thin, short or tall, it should not have to be this way. Decalo Fashion provides an enormous variety for those Big & Tall’s in need. There are suits and suit separates available from size 42 all the way up through 60. Dress shirts come in 36/37 and sleeves range from 16.5 to neck size 20. Trousers are available from a 44 through a 60 waist size. There is a complete range of hues for whatever color “suits” your fancy, a large selection of styles to compliment your personal look and enough sizes that no man is left behind.

Tall men should embrace their height because there is not much you can do to stifle it, not that you should even want to. One suggestion to you tall boys out there is to wear a solid rather than a pinstripe since stripes will further elongate a willowy figure. On the other hand big men can wear slimming colors like dark navy or opt for pinstripes for a trimmer look.

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Don’t Be A Slacks Slacker!

Things You May Not Know About Slacks

If you want to look fashionable without actually looking like a fashion victim, then choose your pants well. Pants come in different materials and you can choose from a wide variety of materials like micro fiber, wool and polyester among others. Of course, the best option is a wool or a wool-blend.

Men seem for some reason to be obsessed with 100-percent cotton pants without the slightest idea of how to explain this misguided obession. Sure, they have their advantages (the feel on the first wear) however their disadvantages (mainly shrinkage and subsequent deterioration)  FAR outweigh any perceived advantages.

So if you have been sticking to 100% cotton isn’t it about time you step it up a bit to something different like wool or blended slacks. If you have some perfect cotton slacks already in your arsenal, reduce the amount of time that you wear them. Reduce their time at the dry cleaners and getting stretched around on a busy night.

If you want slacks that will still feel and look comfortable after a hard day’s work or a night-full of meetings, then choose a wool fabric that is wrinkle resistant and ready to stand up to whatever your busy life throws at it.

Choosing the Right Belt

Men's Belts

As a general rule belts should be an accessory, not the centerpiece of your wardrobe. So even though you dream of turning heads with a diamond studded ostrich skin belt around your waist, don’t get suckered into buying a belt that’s more expensive than your shoes or — God forbid — your suit.

Sizing belts requires a little extra room. Take your waist size, and then go one size bigger. IE: Your 36” waist translates into a 38”-40″ beltsize.

There are only three belt colors you should be concerned with: black, brown and tan. Ideally, you should own casual and dress belts in all three colors, but you can make do with a thin black dress belt, and a wide brown/tan casual belt.

The simplest rule when it comes to wearing a dress belt is that it should always match your shoes in color and finish. Shiny black shoes demand a shiny black belt.

Casual belts allow you quite a bit more flexibility, however. Whether black, brown or tan, a casual belt with a dull, matte finish goes reasonably well with jeans and sneakers.

Keep the buckle under control!The bigger the buckle, the more casual the belt; small, sleek clasps are usually found only on dress belts.

Keep these tips in mind and find yourself the perfect belt at SuitBargains.com!

Choosing the Best Tie

Should Your Tie Be Dictated By Tradition?

Women have more choices than men when it comes to accessories so a man’s best bet to a great wardrobe is an arsenal of suits (mostly dark with one or two exceptions to your taste), along with a BIG variety of ties, shirts and pocket squares to compliment them. Think a bit before you accessorize.

If you’re the conservative type of guy or work in an environment that encourages traditional/conservative business attire, then there is little room to don exciting ties for you. But if you are playful, ready to create your own character and experiment with fashion, then the tie may be your best ally for a distinctive style.

Tradition dictates that men should buy ties that match the color of their suits or dress shirts. This tradition notwithstanding, contrasting ties and bright standout patterns are making a big impact in the men’s fashion world lately! Consider picking up a few contrasting and / or bright ties, both solid colored and in patterns. Also consider learning a few new knots.

Red ties will make you the center of attention. It spells power and dominance so be prepared for the extra attention you will get when you wear a solid red tie, especially to an event where all the men are expected to wear conservative ties. It is possible to still wear a hint of this color without being too bold and that is by wearing a different shade such as burgundy or maroon. This can be reserved for less formal business or social events.

When you want to appear peaceful and calm, then nothing beats wearing blue ties. While this is a traditional color, you can choose a more playful hue or pattern that will produce the effect you desire.

Wearing different-colored ties, sometimes with bold designs may not be the norm for you, but who wants to be boring? If you want to make a statement then the tie is a good item to start with.

Looking Your Best in the Workplace

Starting a new job? Gunning for that promotion? Concerned that you are not looking your best in the office? 

In the business world it is of the utmost importance to not only make a good first impression but to turn that impression into your reputation by maintaining the high standards in appearance and work ethic. While the latter is completely up to you we have some simple rules you can follow in order to keep your office style top-notch.

The suit is your canvas. It needs to fit well, be of a contemporary style (IE: no 70’s throwback sport coats) and it needs to fit your office dress code. First and foremost a good suit needs to fit perfectly. Do not settle for a near perfect fit. Unless your body type is extremely rare and EXACTLY fits an off-the-rack suit size you must have the suit tailored. Tailoring the suit will bring out your best look by favoring your body’s qualities while downplaying its drawbacks.

The color of the suit should be your next concern. Black, Navy, Gray, Dark Brown. These are all colors that easily look sharp in the office environment. If your office is a bit less conservative then you can feel free to branch out into less traditional colors or a sport coat/pant combination. If you are worried about which color to go for, you can’t go wrong with black.

Match your dress shirt with your suit. How exotic you can make your shirt colors and whether you go for a French Cuff (formal) or Barrel Cuff (less formal) depends solely on the formality of your workplace. You can’t go wrong with classic white, cadet or light blue. Other basic colors work well such as cream, pink, black and silver. Be conscious of how your shirt will look without your suit coat on. A good business outfit is essentially two separate outfits, one with the jacket and one without. Don’t forget to match your dress shirt with good looking ties, pocket squares and other accessories. . Ties, cufflinks, money clips and wallets are all part of an outfit and should be picked very carefully. People will notice them, good or bad.

Never underestimate the importance of shoes in accenting your suit. Make sure the colors match your suit and your socks and make sure that your shoes are always polished. That last point can’t be harped upon enough. A basic shoe polishing kit is inexpensive and shining your own shoes takes only 10 minutes every night or every other evening. Nothing says “I am lazy” like scuffed up shoes.Also you don’t need to spend designer prices to get designer style. Check out our selection of shoes here.

Looking good = being taken seriously.

If you want to stand out and have your boss and/or co-workers listen to what you have to say you will have to rely on both your actions and your wardrobe.  Do not ever go into work with an old worn out suit and expect to be taken as seriously as you are when you look your best, it simply won’t happen. Yes it is vain but it is also reality.  Good luck!

Disregarding the belt?

The newest thing with men’s fashion seems to be comfort and ease. That being said we’ve seen the demise of the suit and tie combo of late. “Is it really okay to wear suit pants without a belt,” you ask? We say yes, as long as the pants fit and fit well. Should you decide that you’re just not the man to wear a belt, take your suit to a tailor pronto. Have the tailor take the suit in so it fits perfectly. Have the belt loops removed and save them just incase you jump back on the belt bandwagon. Why remove the loops? Without being used they just slop up the look – and looking sharp is the main goal here!

A good tailor will also give you several other sans belt options. Your chosen one should be adjustable side tabs. These little guys won’t show from the outside but you know that you can adjust them to achieve maximum comfort through holiday feasting or when your pants are weighed down by carrying too much in your pockets. You should also be given the option of buttons for suspenders to hold those pants up. Just watch out for a suspender ‘low-rise’ because crack kills. If all else fails, just keep the loops, wear a belt and say to heck with fashion trends!

Dress Shirt Alert

Dress Shirts

Although not as obvious as women’s trends, men’s clothing takes on trends too. The dress shirt has been M.I.A. for the last few seasons and replaced with a more casual, kicked back look. Well my friend, the dress shirt is making a highly anticipated comeback. SuitBargains.com stocks a large variety of dress shirts for any man. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your newest dress shirt.

Think about your collar style. The right one will frame your face and make you look like a stylish stand out. Consider this – a tab collar, which has height, will shorten a long neck while a straight point collar will length a wide face due to its straighter proportions. Choose a collar proportion that will compliment your faces shape.

Your cuffs should fit just right, nice and snug, around on your wrists. This will avoid any mishaps like your sleeves riding up or your cuffs being so tight they cut off circulation to your hands.

Make sure you choose a hue that will suit your own coloring. The blue family looks good on just about everyone. Off white will make paler skin appear a little bit more alive. Fall colors like olive green, orange and mustard yellow are often difficult to pull off for most. Choose accordingly.

Quality over quantity is always a good rule to keep when buying dress shirts. Make sure all of the seams disappear into the fabric and that everything is on the straight and narrow. Make sure nothing is fraying, puckering or uneven. Quality fabric is also an essential, not only for the comfort factor, but for the lifetime of the shirt. The higher quality the fabric, the better wear you will get.

Photo courtesy of Ramasamy Chidambaram.

Building a Basic Wardrobe

Photo of a man shopping.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he gets his first suit. Most men think that they only need one suit which, in today’s world, is fine since most men don’t wear the more formal clothing of eras gone by as casual attire. However, it is smart for a man to build up his suit wardrobe, rather than having one single suit that he wears until it is worn out.

In 1960, A.J. Drexel Biddle, the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, was dubbed best dressed man in all the land (the United States that is). Why Biddle you ask? Because his wardrobe always looked new and spectacular but at home is simple wardrobe consisted of seven suits. They were:

- Three blue solids, two double breasted and one single
- Two blue pinstripes, one single and one double breasted
- One charcoal gray single
- One light-grey semi-solid double breasted in a lighter weight fabric

Most men today don’t wear suits, jackets and coats as frequently as men of the 1960’s did. The point is that men can be very well dressed with a very small yet well chosen wardrobe.

First, you should be willing to spend a little bit of money when building up your wardrobe. Suits should be high quality to last a lifetime. This expansion will take years and careful consideration but, in time, will be well worth your while.

For a man who does not wear suits often, starting off with dark colors is key. Dark gray, black or navy are appropriate for evenings and formal occasions. The gray is a great daytime suit for meetings and job interviews.

For a man who wears suits every day, five suits (a possible sixth to allow for cleaning and repairs) is a good idea. It allows for great wear so your every day doesn’t become stagnate. A basic suit collection for the everyday suit man could be:
- Dark gray solid
- Midnight blue solid
- Medium gray semi-solid
- Gray pin-stripe
- Navy blue chalk-stripe

This collection is great for the working man but the selection can also take him out for cocktails, to a formal event or to a meeting. If you opt to get the sixth suit, it can be a less formal one for weekends or “casual Friday’s.”

Another factor to consider is fabric weight. Think about your life style. A man should choose what fits in around him. If you live in cold weather, suits of 13 ounce weight in wool are a good choice. They are block cold but are also comfortable in the office.

If you live in a warmer climate, 10 ounce fabrics in a looser weave such as mohair or wool will work well. They are lighter and more breathable than other light weight tropical wools.

If you live in a climate that goes back and forth between warm and cool, opt to have your six suits split right down the middle – 3 in heavier 13 ounce and 3 in 10 ounce fabrics.

If you so choose, you may continue to grow your closet until you  have a wide variety. Having lighter weight suits in nearly ever color for the warmer seasons as well as heavier in nearly every color will ensure that you will be fit for every occasion. Also having a spring/summer and fall/winter casual suit collection for leisure times is ideal. Start your suit collection now. The collection will only mature and grow more sophisticated with you. You will surely become known as the best dressed man in all of your land.

Photo courtesy of Lotus Head.