Calvin Klein and His Suits

There are few men that other men will agree to liking and agree has style. Calvin Klein has accomplished this nod of approval from men around the world. He is slick and hardworking and best of all a brilliant fashion designer.

Bronx boy Klein knows how to dress’em – men and women alike. From his first line with child hood buddy Barry Schwartz in 1968 to his exceptional client list of gorgeous models and celebrities like Helen Christensen and Julia Roberts that he works with today, Klein’s minimalist style has always been a hit. Women love him for the sleek and sophisticated way his clothes fall over their bodies. Men love the cut of his suits but more so his business sense. Klein never went to marketing school but his ideas lead his brand to be one of the best known in the world. Using a young Brook Shield’s and catchy “Nothing gets in the way of me and my Calvin’s slogan,” and ads featuring a waif-ish, barely dressed Kate Moss years later the man knows how to rope clients in.

Calvin Klein suits are what we’re ultimately here to talk about. They range in cool neutral hues from black, brown, gray, tan, charcoal and beige to suit any mans skin tone. Pinstripes or no, he’s got anything a guy might fancy. Calvin Klein suit jackets often come with a simplistic 2 or 3 button scheme and more often than not they are single breasted to avoid a cluttered look. For those men who might be a little bit more sweat prone than the next, Klein has got you covered with side vents on some of his suit jackets. With a mixture of suit separates, it’s easy to take home the whole ensemble or just whatever you need. People flock to Calvin Klein and his suits. If you want to be the center of attention, looking chic and suave just like Mr. Klein, all you have to do is pick up a Calvin Klein suit and you’ll be the man of the hour.

DKNY Suits – Impeccable Style For Every Man

DKNY Suits – Impeccable Style For Every Man 


DKNY Suit is a favorite among men who are into making the most powerful impression possible at formal and semi-formal functions. The fashion-forward designs of their men’s suits and accessories don’t forget timeless quality that each suit much still embrace.

Donna Karan in New York founded this clothing line in 1989. This led to the name Donna Karan New York (and eventually DKNY). The line is now owned by luxury fashion and lifestyle giant LVMH.

Donna Karan is more popularly known for her various women’s lines including jeans, underwear, baby clothing and shoes. So for those of you who love to look your best but do not really go into the nitty-gritty, this may be the first time you have heard that the brand also caters to men through products such as the DKNY Suit.

The branching out of the big fashion brands originally exclusive to women, to the men’s line, should give you a hint of how men are becoming fashion conscious these days.

It is certainly worth noting that Donna Karan designed her men’s line initially to help her ‘fashion challenged’ husband’s clothing. With this in mind, you get the assurance that she has every man’s best interests in mind when it comes to designing the DKNY Suit.

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Dress Shirt Alert

Dress Shirts

Although not as obvious as women’s trends, men’s clothing takes on trends too. The dress shirt has been M.I.A. for the last few seasons and replaced with a more casual, kicked back look. Well my friend, the dress shirt is making a highly anticipated comeback. stocks a large variety of dress shirts for any man. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your newest dress shirt.

Think about your collar style. The right one will frame your face and make you look like a stylish stand out. Consider this – a tab collar, which has height, will shorten a long neck while a straight point collar will length a wide face due to its straighter proportions. Choose a collar proportion that will compliment your faces shape.

Your cuffs should fit just right, nice and snug, around on your wrists. This will avoid any mishaps like your sleeves riding up or your cuffs being so tight they cut off circulation to your hands.

Make sure you choose a hue that will suit your own coloring. The blue family looks good on just about everyone. Off white will make paler skin appear a little bit more alive. Fall colors like olive green, orange and mustard yellow are often difficult to pull off for most. Choose accordingly.

Quality over quantity is always a good rule to keep when buying dress shirts. Make sure all of the seams disappear into the fabric and that everything is on the straight and narrow. Make sure nothing is fraying, puckering or uneven. Quality fabric is also an essential, not only for the comfort factor, but for the lifetime of the shirt. The higher quality the fabric, the better wear you will get.

Photo courtesy of Ramasamy Chidambaram.

Calvin Klein Pants

Calvin Klein Pants

Our line of Calvin Klein Pants are the perfect choice for both comfort and value

With both slim and relaxed fits, pleated and flat front pants in all the latest styles you are guaranteed to find the right pair of Calvin Klein pants in our selection. These striking pants are ideal for the office or any time you need to look your best.

The Calvin Klein pants are a great way to elevate any man’s wardrobe above the mundane and add the elements of sophistication and classic style. As always brings you these great men’s fashion opportunities at an unbeatable price.

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An Introduction To Our Dress Shirts

mens dress shirt

Is there fashion hope for men who do not possess the standard body-size frame dictated by ready-to-wear stores? Don’t lose hope because whether you have a slim frame or a little bit extra under your shirt you can always count on a dress shirt from to rescue you from off-the-rack fashion madness.

Whether you are a new graduate or an employee aspiring to get a promotion, make sure you have a dress shirt in your wardrobe to suit just about any occasion that may pop up. For some people, the cost of success is equal to the cost of one shirt, specifically the most presentable one, but you must have an array of shirts in your wardrobe as your “lucky” shirt will have to spend time in the dry cleaners and in your closet (lest you wear it out too early).

The best option for men who have a narrow waist but broader shoulders or men who have irregularly-shaped body parts is of course to have their shirts custom-made, however that process is not only be time-consuming but extremely costly. Your best bet is to check out the creations of these top fashion icons.


A true standby in the fashion world. Coming in both classic and slim fits, french and barrel cuffs and a wide array of colors and sizes, Modena has something for everyone. If you adore classic American style then you will find the their dress shirts a perfect fit for your wardrobe, and because they won’t cost an arm and a leg they will fit your budget as well. This is the essential brand to build your basic wardrobe with.

Calvin Klein

A Calvin Klein Dress Shirt is ideal for the man who always wants to look exquisite. Calvin Klein is known for creating only the finest clothing so if you want to invest in a shirt you can wear for any occasion, even to the most special events, then go for a CK shirt. To make sure your money does not go to waste, make sure you get the real deal at a good price by shopping at

Jean-Paul Germain

The Jean-Paul Germain Paris line offers impeccable construction and a comfortable fit in a range of classic and modern looks. Our French Cuff offerings come with beautifully crafted cufflinks so you won’t have to worry about running around to find the perfect pair to match your shirt. All that tedious work is done for you. Far and away one of the best values on

Ralph Lauren Suits

Ralph Lauren Suits

Every man who aims to make it big in this world should of course own a quality suit. Make that suit a Ralph Lauren Suit. Whether socializing, at a job interview, business meetings or every day at work, you want the clothing you wear to intelligently project an aura of success.

There are many reasons why you should invest in a Ralph Lauren men’s suit and we have here the top three:

The Brand is Respected and Well Known

The Ralph Lauren brand alone is enough to make you stand up and take notice, no matter what type of clothing by the brand you may be wearing. Ralph Lauren has had decades to hone its particular take on menswear.  With that pursuit of excellence and the accompanying experience that it brings, Ralph Lauren has established itself as perhaps the #1 trusted high-end brand in the US and abroad, especially when it comes to men’s suits.

Ralph Lauren = Quality

The price of a suit should not be your only gauge when it comes to its quality. There are affordable Ralph Lauren suits that show craftsmanship in terms of fabric, pattern, construction, and cut. Most people judge a suit by its look and overall construction. In these two aspects, Lauren suits are hard to beat. This same dedication spans their entire line from formal to casual wear meaning that people from all walks of life can attest to and are impressed by this enduring style and quality.

Selection and Variety

There are a variety of styles available from the Ralph Lauren suit collection. You can choose from different suit styles including single-breasted suits, two or three-button dress suits, flat front or double pleated pants. In these formats you will find suits in pinstripe or solid styles in a variety of colors from the basic black and brown to the more fashionable olive suit and beyond.

When purchasing your next suit, buying Ralph Lauren will be a good investment in yourself and the image you want project. Surprisingly, thanks to it is now possible to find a reasonably-priced Ralph Lauren suit from the comfort of your computer.

Michael Kors Suits

Michael Kors suits

Michael Kors started in the fashion industry at the tender age of 19. by 1981 his Michael Kors label was launched at prestigious stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Although his line has expanded since his early days, he is proud to say that his vision has never strayed from his original of chic, luxurious Americana sportswear. A lot of men’s favorite women such as Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Simpson as well as stylish men such as Pierce Brosnan and usher continually sing Mr. Kor’s praises.

The Michael Kors website boasts a mission statement that states “The company’s heritage is rooted in producing polished, sleek, sophisticated Americana sportswear… and to bring our vision of a jet-set luxury lifestyle to women and men around the globe.” with beautiful women fawning at his feet and stylish men asking for his fashion advice, it’s no wonder has selected Michael Kors and his suits to represent a large part of their collection. Don’t you want all that in your next suit?

The Sean John Suit Collection

Sean John Suits

Sean Combs, best known as Diddy, Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, has made a solid name for himself in the fashion industry. Combs was first seen as the loyal sidekick of the late Notorious B.I.G. Always fashionable in a staple black or white combo, often accompanied by sunglasses and a sharp haircut, Combs was suddenly on the scene to be seen. Hooking up with fashionable ladies like Jennifer Lopez and model Kim Porter he soon became more stylish ever. His infamous “white party” instantly became one of the chicest soirees to happen to the Hamptons since Jackie O. Combs soon married his urban yet elegant sense of style with fashion by introducing the world to his Sean John line. These suits are made for a man who wants to stand out in a crowd as one part suave lady killer, one part class and refinement and one part edgy and urban.

For these reasons among others, is proud to carry the Sean John line of suits. Our Sean John collection consists of suit separates with a single breasted jacket. The jacket comes together with two buttons for a chic look. The slacks are double pleated and comfortable to boot. These Sean John suits are available at today in solid black, black pinstripe, navy blue pinstripe and gray sharkskin. “Street” never looked so good!

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