Casual Sport Coats

So what’s the best way to look fashionable even while wearing a casual getup? Wear a Sport Coat!

If you’re always on the golf course and you want to look good even if you are just practising your swing, then wearing a coat will make you look great, even if your shots are not. The best thing about investing in a coat is that you can get a top quality and top brand one at without spending thousands of dollars and still look like a winner. It’s not the price of the jacket but how it fits you, and how it matches your personality.

No matter its price, you should invest in a jacket that fist you well in all the right places. Even fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger admitted that the right jacket can bring you “from the beach to a corporate meeting”.

Sport Coats pair well with traditional formal wear, a dress shirt without a tie, a pique polo, or even a ratty t-shirt! The sport coat will always be the overwhelming force in an outfit regardless of what you wear it with. And this overwhelming force will put you in the “Twilight Zone” between formal and casual.

So the next time you just want to blend casual and formal, without really dressing up, think Sport Coat.


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