Calvin Klein and His Suits

There are few men that other men will agree to liking and agree has style. Calvin Klein has accomplished this nod of approval from men around the world. He is slick and hardworking and best of all a brilliant fashion designer.

Bronx boy Klein knows how to dress’em – men and women alike. From his first line with child hood buddy Barry Schwartz in 1968 to his exceptional client list of gorgeous models and celebrities like Helen Christensen and Julia Roberts that he works with today, Klein’s minimalist style has always been a hit. Women love him for the sleek and sophisticated way his clothes fall over their bodies. Men love the cut of his suits but more so his business sense. Klein never went to marketing school but his ideas lead his brand to be one of the best known in the world. Using a young Brook Shield’s and catchy “Nothing gets in the way of me and my Calvin’s slogan,” and ads featuring a waif-ish, barely dressed Kate Moss years later the man knows how to rope clients in.

Calvin Klein suits are what we’re ultimately here to talk about. They range in cool neutral hues from black, brown, gray, tan, charcoal and beige to suit any mans skin tone. Pinstripes or no, he’s got anything a guy might fancy. Calvin Klein suit jackets often come with a simplistic 2 or 3 button scheme and more often than not they are single breasted to avoid a cluttered look. For those men who might be a little bit more sweat prone than the next, Klein has got you covered with side vents on some of his suit jackets. With a mixture of suit separates, it’s easy to take home the whole ensemble or just whatever you need. People flock to Calvin Klein and his suits. If you want to be the center of attention, looking chic and suave just like Mr. Klein, all you have to do is pick up a Calvin Klein suit and you’ll be the man of the hour.

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