Gotta Have It – 5 Fall Accessories for Men

Sunglasses1. A Fine Scarf.  Most men are afraid to wear a scarf or presume it to be an itchy, unbearable, uninteresting accessory. I beg to differ. A scarf keeps the chill in and the warmth out during harsh winter months. Low grade scarves are itchy and unravel easily. Chip in a few extra bucks and get a soft, merino wool scarf or a cashmere one for a splurge.

2. Gloves.  No matter what type of fabric you pick, choose a darker glove which will hide wear and tear better. Leather gloves are the ultimate indulgence and will keep your tips toasty.

3. Sunglasses.  We’ve all seen celebrities wearing those huge bug-eyed sunglasses. You don’t need bug eyed ones, sunglasses are a trend for men too. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean those UV rays aren’t pecking away at your skin. Aviators are always a classic if you are unsure about what style to go for.

4. An Umbrella.  Axel wasn’t kidding when he sang it out about “cold November rain.” Get an umbrella or three to store in convenient places like your home, office and car.

5. Laptop Bag.  No, it’s not a purse for your handbagphobes out there. It’s a bag to carry your laptop around in. If you choose, you can also store some other stuff in there too but it’s a laptop bag, not a women’s tote!

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Fall Officegear

Man in SweaterTired of wearing the same old sports coat to the office? Well your co-workers are probably tired of looking at you in that tired coat too. It’s time to spice it up a little bit while you are warming up for winter.

First, to keep warm in the cold, you’ll want to dress in layers. We are not talking about the ‘fashionable’ layers that is trendy for women right now (if you even knew about that!). We are talking about wearing an undershirt beneath your button up shirt. Once you’ve got on your button up, if you aren’t a top dog, you can either throw on a tie or a jacket – yes, you can choose either or – put on your slacks and be out the door. In cooler months, opt for a sweater in lieu of a jacket. A tie underneath makes a sweater look a lot more pulled together so you strongly consider the tie/sweater combo especially if your boss is a hard headed on the dress code.

And if you are the boss, you might want to keep sweater wearing to a minimum and maximize the tie/jacket combo. As the pres, head exec or whatever your status is, it probably would not be wise to show up with the sleeves of your button up shirt rolled to your elbows and jeans on your bottom half. Having on a jacket and tie looks more professional and that is probably the look you are going for considering your head honcho status.

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The Big and The Tall

Photo of tall man in tux.

A lot of tall and wide men have a very difficult time finding clothes to fit into. In fact, some deem it near impossible to find a perfect match and shopping is seen as a horror, as though Satan himself is running every store he the big or tall man walks into.

I am here to tell you, no matter big or thin, short or tall, it should not have to be this way. Decalo Fashion provides an enormous variety for those Big & Tall’s in need. There are suits and suit separates available from size 42 all the way up through 60. Dress shirts come in 36/37 and sleeves range from 16.5 to neck size 20. Trousers are available from a 44 through a 60 waist size. There is a complete range of hues for whatever color “suits” your fancy, a large selection of styles to compliment your personal look and enough sizes that no man is left behind.

Tall men should embrace their height because there is not much you can do to stifle it, not that you should even want to. One suggestion to you tall boys out there is to wear a solid rather than a pinstripe since stripes will further elongate a willowy figure. On the other hand big men can wear slimming colors like dark navy or opt for pinstripes for a trimmer look.

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Calvin Klein and His Suits

There are few men that other men will agree to liking and agree has style. Calvin Klein has accomplished this nod of approval from men around the world. He is slick and hardworking and best of all a brilliant fashion designer.

Bronx boy Klein knows how to dress’em – men and women alike. From his first line with child hood buddy Barry Schwartz in 1968 to his exceptional client list of gorgeous models and celebrities like Helen Christensen and Julia Roberts that he works with today, Klein’s minimalist style has always been a hit. Women love him for the sleek and sophisticated way his clothes fall over their bodies. Men love the cut of his suits but more so his business sense. Klein never went to marketing school but his ideas lead his brand to be one of the best known in the world. Using a young Brook Shield’s and catchy “Nothing gets in the way of me and my Calvin’s slogan,” and ads featuring a waif-ish, barely dressed Kate Moss years later the man knows how to rope clients in.

Calvin Klein suits are what we’re ultimately here to talk about. They range in cool neutral hues from black, brown, gray, tan, charcoal and beige to suit any mans skin tone. Pinstripes or no, he’s got anything a guy might fancy. Calvin Klein suit jackets often come with a simplistic 2 or 3 button scheme and more often than not they are single breasted to avoid a cluttered look. For those men who might be a little bit more sweat prone than the next, Klein has got you covered with side vents on some of his suit jackets. With a mixture of suit separates, it’s easy to take home the whole ensemble or just whatever you need. People flock to Calvin Klein and his suits. If you want to be the center of attention, looking chic and suave just like Mr. Klein, all you have to do is pick up a Calvin Klein suit and you’ll be the man of the hour.

Pants: Which Types Are Best For you?

Pants: Which Types Are Best For you?

Most people take pants for granted because after all, they are just trousers and aside from their color and fit, there’s really nothing to choose from. You will be amazed to realize that there are actually different types of pants and choosing the best ones that will fit your body built can make you look more attractive.

Slacks/Dress Pants

If you belong to the ‘hip’ generation then you may have written traditional men’s slacks off a long time ago. Think twice! Not only are they are comfortable because they are usually made of superfine wool and/or blends but they are able to go with any outfit. Have a business meeting at 4pm but meeting a special lady for a cocktail at 6pm? No need to change, your dress pants fit both situations with ease.


The vertically-ribbed corduroys have come a long way, especially the ones with thin ridges. The thicker corduroys are however more comfortable for men during winter if you want to keep warm while looking good. There is a wide array of color choices when it comes to corduroy making these pants a favorite among men of all ages.


If you lead a laid back and comfortable lifestyle then the jeans are a good fit. They are durable and should be part of every man’s fashion wardrobe at any age. While jeans are always made of denim, you can always choose from the variety of colors, washes and even styles. The straight-cut jeans are the most comfortable for men, but there are men who favour the flared ones. Jeans are great for men who feel comfortable wearing sweaters and shirts most of the time. Pair your jeans with a white button-down shirt, and see how the girls react!

There are many other types of pants that will come your way but if you love the good life and looking the part, then these three three are essential additions to your wardrobe.

Don’t Be A Slacks Slacker!

Things You May Not Know About Slacks

If you want to look fashionable without actually looking like a fashion victim, then choose your pants well. Pants come in different materials and you can choose from a wide variety of materials like micro fiber, wool and polyester among others. Of course, the best option is a wool or a wool-blend.

Men seem for some reason to be obsessed with 100-percent cotton pants without the slightest idea of how to explain this misguided obession. Sure, they have their advantages (the feel on the first wear) however their disadvantages (mainly shrinkage and subsequent deterioration)  FAR outweigh any perceived advantages.

So if you have been sticking to 100% cotton isn’t it about time you step it up a bit to something different like wool or blended slacks. If you have some perfect cotton slacks already in your arsenal, reduce the amount of time that you wear them. Reduce their time at the dry cleaners and getting stretched around on a busy night.

If you want slacks that will still feel and look comfortable after a hard day’s work or a night-full of meetings, then choose a wool fabric that is wrinkle resistant and ready to stand up to whatever your busy life throws at it.

DKNY Suits – Impeccable Style For Every Man

DKNY Suits – Impeccable Style For Every Man 


DKNY Suit is a favorite among men who are into making the most powerful impression possible at formal and semi-formal functions. The fashion-forward designs of their men’s suits and accessories don’t forget timeless quality that each suit much still embrace.

Donna Karan in New York founded this clothing line in 1989. This led to the name Donna Karan New York (and eventually DKNY). The line is now owned by luxury fashion and lifestyle giant LVMH.

Donna Karan is more popularly known for her various women’s lines including jeans, underwear, baby clothing and shoes. So for those of you who love to look your best but do not really go into the nitty-gritty, this may be the first time you have heard that the brand also caters to men through products such as the DKNY Suit.

The branching out of the big fashion brands originally exclusive to women, to the men’s line, should give you a hint of how men are becoming fashion conscious these days.

It is certainly worth noting that Donna Karan designed her men’s line initially to help her ‘fashion challenged’ husband’s clothing. With this in mind, you get the assurance that she has every man’s best interests in mind when it comes to designing the DKNY Suit.

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Men’s Style That Rocks

Some fashionable men do not have to make a conscious effort to choose a style that will suit them. For these rare men, style comes naturally. But for the rest of us, still unsure of our style preference, you need to look no further than the latest issue of Rolling Stone or MOJO magazine to be glad to know that a familiar and affordable era of rock and roll fashion is back!

The rock style popularized by The Beatles and other bands before and after them in the late 50′s through the mid 60′s focused on matching suits and distinctive haircuts. The high-fashion hip hop and rock styles of the new generation are undoubtedly influenced by this old but unrelenting style from the early days of rock. Here are several wardrobe must-haves if you want to go for a new take on the established rock style.

Sport Coat or Jacket

The sport coat or leather jacket has never left and is in fact a favorite fashion piece not only by the young generation, but also by the more matured executives who still want to rock despite their age.

Button Down Shirt

The right shirts can give you that cool look so make sure you invest in several plaid shirts. You can layer this with the sport coat.

Slim Pants

Get the real rock look by investing in several pieces of dark slim pants, which are guaranteed to look great with your layered shirt and jacket. This works for all seasons.

More than the clothes, shoes and accessories of course, the rock style is about confidence in yourself. So when shopping for your new digs at start with your attitude, and the rest will follow.

Choosing the Right Belt

Men's Belts

As a general rule belts should be an accessory, not the centerpiece of your wardrobe. So even though you dream of turning heads with a diamond studded ostrich skin belt around your waist, don’t get suckered into buying a belt that’s more expensive than your shoes or — God forbid — your suit.

Sizing belts requires a little extra room. Take your waist size, and then go one size bigger. IE: Your 36” waist translates into a 38”-40″ beltsize.

There are only three belt colors you should be concerned with: black, brown and tan. Ideally, you should own casual and dress belts in all three colors, but you can make do with a thin black dress belt, and a wide brown/tan casual belt.

The simplest rule when it comes to wearing a dress belt is that it should always match your shoes in color and finish. Shiny black shoes demand a shiny black belt.

Casual belts allow you quite a bit more flexibility, however. Whether black, brown or tan, a casual belt with a dull, matte finish goes reasonably well with jeans and sneakers.

Keep the buckle under control!The bigger the buckle, the more casual the belt; small, sleek clasps are usually found only on dress belts.

Keep these tips in mind and find yourself the perfect belt at!

The Skinny on Big and Tall

Looking good is important to everyone  If you are anything like me you have packed on a few pounds this winter and are in the middle of the slow and painful process of shedding that extra weight to get ready for summer. But what can we do to look our best in the meantime (or if like last year if our weight loss plans don’t quite pan out again)? How do we look best when we are big and tall?


First thing is first; do not simply buy everything one or two sizes bigger. More fabric is not a cure-all for hiding extra pounds. Generally speaking,unless the article of clothing in question is a tailored men’s suit or casual item it will have a blousy effect (IE: the dreaded “muumuu look”).

The best colors for giving a slimmer appearance are dark ones. For instance, colors like Navy, Mid-Blue, Charcoal, or Black are great for shirts and suits. Patterns, especially horizontal pinstripes in similar colors work as well.  You can offset the dark colors with a white undershirt or with a bright colored tie or pocket square.

Layers, layers, layers. As long as you are not headed for a hot summer BBQ or to the pool, wear at least two layers (shirt and sweater/jacket). This will reduce any tight or hugging look around your stomach and chest as well as provide added comfort.

Plan your clothing based upon the right occasion. Attending a dinner where you will be sitting down a lot? Be sure to sit down while trying on your new clothing. We all expand when we sit and you do NOT want to put an eye out with a popped button! Will you be dancing or moving around a lot? Be sure you feel comfortable in your first layer and not just with your jacket on. Good planning goes a long way in both your comfort and your appearance.

Of course many of the issues brought up in this article can be disregarded by simply losing weight (which we encourage). However if you are anything like me, losing weight doesn’t always work out the way you plan! Regardless of your weight it is of the utmost importance professionally and personally for a man to look good take these tips and keep looking sharp!

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