An Introduction To Our Dress Shirts

mens dress shirt

Is there fashion hope for men who do not possess the standard body-size frame dictated by ready-to-wear stores? Don’t lose hope because whether you have a slim frame or a little bit extra under your shirt you can always count on a dress shirt from to rescue you from off-the-rack fashion madness.

Whether you are a new graduate or an employee aspiring to get a promotion, make sure you have a dress shirt in your wardrobe to suit just about any occasion that may pop up. For some people, the cost of success is equal to the cost of one shirt, specifically the most presentable one, but you must have an array of shirts in your wardrobe as your “lucky” shirt will have to spend time in the dry cleaners and in your closet (lest you wear it out too early).

The best option for men who have a narrow waist but broader shoulders or men who have irregularly-shaped body parts is of course to have their shirts custom-made, however that process is not only be time-consuming but extremely costly. Your best bet is to check out the creations of these top fashion icons.


A true standby in the fashion world. Coming in both classic and slim fits, french and barrel cuffs and a wide array of colors and sizes, Modena has something for everyone. If you adore classic American style then you will find the their dress shirts a perfect fit for your wardrobe, and because they won’t cost an arm and a leg they will fit your budget as well. This is the essential brand to build your basic wardrobe with.

Calvin Klein

A Calvin Klein Dress Shirt is ideal for the man who always wants to look exquisite. Calvin Klein is known for creating only the finest clothing so if you want to invest in a shirt you can wear for any occasion, even to the most special events, then go for a CK shirt. To make sure your money does not go to waste, make sure you get the real deal at a good price by shopping at

Jean-Paul Germain

The Jean-Paul Germain Paris line offers impeccable construction and a comfortable fit in a range of classic and modern looks. Our French Cuff offerings come with beautifully crafted cufflinks so you won’t have to worry about running around to find the perfect pair to match your shirt. All that tedious work is done for you. Far and away one of the best values on

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