Jacket on or Jacket off?

mens suit jacket

The age old question at most weddings and other important events is: “Honey, is it okay if I take off my jacket? It’s getting a little hot in here and…” Queue either a hissy fit or an “I don’t give a damn” from the significant other. But still the question remains unanswered. SuitBargains.com is here to give you the answer and it is no. Unless you are suffering from heat exhaustion, it is more appropriate and respectful to leave your jacket on.

SuitBargains.com has some simpler solutions than becoming a sweaty mess. There are a good many suits and suit separates on our website which have ventilation to allow maximum air flow through the suit while you shake your groove thing or pound shots at the bar. While you’re on SuitBargains.com make sure that you check out a suit jacket that has side vents. It is your best bet at a formal event. No one will know they are there and you will be living it up in comfort.

When the hosting party is dancing on the tables, kicking off their shoes and setting up beer pong at the head table, it is probably okay if you take off your jacket now, “honey”.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Delgado.

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