Gotta Have It – 5 Fall Accessories for Men

Sunglasses1. A Fine Scarf.  Most men are afraid to wear a scarf or presume it to be an itchy, unbearable, uninteresting accessory. I beg to differ. A scarf keeps the chill in and the warmth out during harsh winter months. Low grade scarves are itchy and unravel easily. Chip in a few extra bucks and get a soft, merino wool scarf or a cashmere one for a splurge.

2. Gloves.  No matter what type of fabric you pick, choose a darker glove which will hide wear and tear better. Leather gloves are the ultimate indulgence and will keep your tips toasty.

3. Sunglasses.  We’ve all seen celebrities wearing those huge bug-eyed sunglasses. You don’t need bug eyed ones, sunglasses are a trend for men too. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean those UV rays aren’t pecking away at your skin. Aviators are always a classic if you are unsure about what style to go for.

4. An Umbrella.  Axel wasn’t kidding when he sang it out about “cold November rain.” Get an umbrella or three to store in convenient places like your home, office and car.

5. Laptop Bag.  No, it’s not a purse for your handbagphobes out there. It’s a bag to carry your laptop around in. If you choose, you can also store some other stuff in there too but it’s a laptop bag, not a women’s tote!

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