‘American Idol’ Hires Tommy Hilfiger As Image Adviser

Tommy Hilfiger Suits

America's next style Idol: Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger‘s career returned full circle March 15 when he began a new gig as a style mentor and image adviser for the finalists of the 11th season of “American Idol” on Fox.

As style adviser, Hilfiger will mentor the Idol contestants’ style transformations as they define their performance identities on the show, while vying to be the next American Idol.

“My own experiences at the beginning of my career inspired my commitment to mentor young people who are dedicated to pursuing their dreams,” Hilfiger said. “Musicians can bring such a unique vision and personality to the stage. I admire risk takers who share my belief in the power of fashion to transform and influence.”

For more than 25 years, Hilfiger has brought classic, cool, American lifestyle to consumers around the world. From his career’s inception, Hilfiger has been inspired by music. His first business, People’s Place, at 18, sold denim jeans and styled his brother’s band for local performances. As Hilfiger’s designs merged with popular culture, the company’s distinct brand message has continued to celebrate the long association between the brand and the music business. Hilfiger has worked with music legends such as the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

‘Details’ Charts Seismic Shift In Last Decade of Men’s Fashion

The last decade has experienced a seismic shift in men’s fashion as the definition of masculinity has changed, according to two experts.

“I was actually going back yesterday and looking at fashions from the 1990s,” Calvin Klein Men’s Creative Director Italo Zucchelli told Thread NY. “And I was like, “Oh my god” – especially when I was looking at men’s fashion. In the last ten years, things have changed enormously. 15 years ago, you wouldn’t even call clothes for men fashion sometimes.”

A renewed interest in fashion has reinvigorated the classic suit and sport coat.

“I see a lot of younger guys returning to the suit,” Details editor in chief Dan Peres told Thread NY. “I think wearing a suit is great, but I also think that breaking up a suit is something men are doing — it’s a much more versatile element in a man’s wardrobe now.”

He added, “Guys, more than anything else right now, want “luxe casual.” They want quality stuff, but they don’t necessarily always want to feel buttoned up. So whether it’s a great pair of chinos, a great pair of shorts, that’s what they are shopping for.”

Men Purchase Suits in Droves As ‘He-covery’ Begins

Ralph Lauren Men Suits

Ralph Lauren suits up for New York's Fashion Week

As guys blindsided by the “man-cession” return to work in droves, retailers are bolstered by an increase in suit sales.

According to a March 7 CNBC.com article, IBM projects retail sales of Men’s apparel will spike 8.3 percent in the first quarter.

Retailers like Nordstrom and the Gap have already seen increased business as men require new suits for jobs and interviews.

While recession-era fashion was more basic, designers like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are expected to take a page from the recent New York Fashion Week as consumer confidence continues to rise.

Calvin Klein and His Suits

There are few men that other men will agree to liking and agree has style. Calvin Klein has accomplished this nod of approval from men around the world. He is slick and hardworking and best of all a brilliant fashion designer.

Bronx boy Klein knows how to dress’em – men and women alike. From his first line with child hood buddy Barry Schwartz in 1968 to his exceptional client list of gorgeous models and celebrities like Helen Christensen and Julia Roberts that he works with today, Klein’s minimalist style has always been a hit. Women love him for the sleek and sophisticated way his clothes fall over their bodies. Men love the cut of his suits but more so his business sense. Klein never went to marketing school but his ideas lead his brand to be one of the best known in the world. Using a young Brook Shield’s and catchy “Nothing gets in the way of me and my Calvin’s slogan,” and ads featuring a waif-ish, barely dressed Kate Moss years later the man knows how to rope clients in.

Calvin Klein suits are what we’re ultimately here to talk about. They range in cool neutral hues from black, brown, gray, tan, charcoal and beige to suit any mans skin tone. Pinstripes or no, he’s got anything a guy might fancy. Calvin Klein suit jackets often come with a simplistic 2 or 3 button scheme and more often than not they are single breasted to avoid a cluttered look. For those men who might be a little bit more sweat prone than the next, Klein has got you covered with side vents on some of his suit jackets. With a mixture of suit separates, it’s easy to take home the whole ensemble or just whatever you need. People flock to Calvin Klein and his suits. If you want to be the center of attention, looking chic and suave just like Mr. Klein, all you have to do is pick up a Calvin Klein suit and you’ll be the man of the hour.