Where to Wear a Suit?

While there are those who believe the day of the suit has died, top industry insiders point out that even for those who are not required to wear a suit on a daily basis or those who are immersed in the world of high fashion still have a suit is still an extremely important part of every mans wardrobe.

Because of the number of places where a suit is still perhaps the only fashion option designers have a myriad one can choose from whether you are into solids, pinstripes or plaids (or a combination). And with this wide array of choices, it is extremely easy to find a suit to wear for any of these suit-necessary occasions, including:


You may be just a guest or a member of the entourage, but no matter your role in the wedding, you can look classy and elegant wearing a suit. Unless the invitation calls for a specific type of dress such as a tuxedo, don’t be afraid to show off a little of your personal style. This may be a formal event but it should not stop you from looking fashionable and modern.


Looking to close that business deal? Have an interview for a new job? Meeting with the boss today? Then you better dress to impress! A suit evokes power and status and if you’re wearing one, you can easily sway the negotiation in your favor (provided you’ve also prepared a good business presentation of course).

Religious Services and Events

Dress properly for worship. It has always been a sign of respect to look your best at religious gatherings. Aside from that, for many this is the one time a week (or however often you gather) where you are together with your entire community and you will want to look your best for that reason alone!


You may not be walking on the red carpet for a premiere, but a suit will be the perfect clothing to wear to the theater, the opera or other cultural events. Plainly put, a suit is not out of place in nightlife so you can also wear a suit when attending informal parties. Should you wind up the only person wearing a suit for any reason, no need to fear. You will stand out perhaps but it will be in a good way.

Invest today in a new suit and you will have something to wear for just about any occasion, casual or a formal.

An Introduction To Our Dress Shirts

mens dress shirt

Is there fashion hope for men who do not possess the standard body-size frame dictated by ready-to-wear stores? Don’t lose hope because whether you have a slim frame or a little bit extra under your shirt you can always count on a dress shirt from SuitBargains.com to rescue you from off-the-rack fashion madness.

Whether you are a new graduate or an employee aspiring to get a promotion, make sure you have a dress shirt in your wardrobe to suit just about any occasion that may pop up. For some people, the cost of success is equal to the cost of one shirt, specifically the most presentable one, but you must have an array of shirts in your wardrobe as your “lucky” shirt will have to spend time in the dry cleaners and in your closet (lest you wear it out too early).

The best option for men who have a narrow waist but broader shoulders or men who have irregularly-shaped body parts is of course to have their shirts custom-made, however that process is not only be time-consuming but extremely costly. Your best bet is to check out the creations of these top fashion icons.


A true standby in the fashion world. Coming in both classic and slim fits, french and barrel cuffs and a wide array of colors and sizes, Modena has something for everyone. If you adore classic American style then you will find the their dress shirts a perfect fit for your wardrobe, and because they won’t cost an arm and a leg they will fit your budget as well. This is the essential brand to build your basic wardrobe with.

Calvin Klein

A Calvin Klein Dress Shirt is ideal for the man who always wants to look exquisite. Calvin Klein is known for creating only the finest clothing so if you want to invest in a shirt you can wear for any occasion, even to the most special events, then go for a CK shirt. To make sure your money does not go to waste, make sure you get the real deal at a good price by shopping at SuitBargains.com.

Jean-Paul Germain

The Jean-Paul Germain Paris line offers impeccable construction and a comfortable fit in a range of classic and modern looks. Our French Cuff offerings come with beautifully crafted cufflinks so you won’t have to worry about running around to find the perfect pair to match your shirt. All that tedious work is done for you. Far and away one of the best values on SuitBargains.com.

Casual Sport Coats

So what’s the best way to look fashionable even while wearing a casual getup? Wear a Sport Coat!

If you’re always on the golf course and you want to look good even if you are just practising your swing, then wearing a coat will make you look great, even if your shots are not. The best thing about investing in a coat is that you can get a top quality and top brand one at SuitBargains.com without spending thousands of dollars and still look like a winner. It’s not the price of the jacket but how it fits you, and how it matches your personality.

No matter its price, you should invest in a jacket that fist you well in all the right places. Even fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger admitted that the right jacket can bring you “from the beach to a corporate meeting”.

Sport Coats pair well with traditional formal wear, a dress shirt without a tie, a pique polo, or even a ratty t-shirt! The sport coat will always be the overwhelming force in an outfit regardless of what you wear it with. And this overwhelming force will put you in the “Twilight Zone” between formal and casual.

So the next time you just want to blend casual and formal, without really dressing up, think Sport Coat.


Long-Term Men’s Suit Storage

Improper long term storage can be fatal to the quality of your suit if not properly executed. Store your suit improperly for a season and you could find the suit damaged or the quality of the suit diminished. Keeping the following basic techniques in mind will go a long way in preserving your suit in the long and short run.

The main materials that one needs to properly care for their suit are as follows: A simple clothes brush, a heavy duty wooden hanger, and a garment bag or properly sized plastic covering.

Prior to hanging your suit, lay it flat on a table, ironing board or other hard surface and brush it with the clothes brush. This will remove dirt and lint as well as rejuvenate the wool. The importance of this step can not be underestimated. If skipped your suit will show signs of aging and wear much quicker.

A very important aspect of men’s suit care is to always have your suit jackets hung on good coat hangers that have broad, rounded shoulder supports. All SuitBargains.com Men’s Suits come with heavy wood hangers suitable for long-term storage. There are merchants such as the Hanger Project which create high-end size specific hangers. These hangers can be costly but are well worth the money (especially for long term seasonal storage).

The main point on hangers is to avoid those cheap metal wire hangers for your suits. They are too flimsy and will never be able to properly support a men’s suit.

Now that your suit is brushed and secured on a heavy-duty hanger we have to make final preparations for long-term storage. Unbutton the suit jackets and remove any items in the pockets. This will ease strain on the jacket’s pocket to keep it in its original shape.

Before we put the suit into its garment bag or plastic we must let it ‘air’ for about 24 hours. With the suit on the heavy duty hanger (and not in plastic or a garment bag) place it outside of a closet (on the closet door knob for instance) and let the suit sit for an overnight. Again the point with this step is to help rejuvenate the wool and dry up any moisture trapped in your suit.

Next while on the hanger lightly brush the suit one last time and promptly seal it up in its garment bag or plastic. Now your suit is ready for long term storage. Make sure you store it in a closet with a little room (don’t cram it in if you can avoid doing so).

Follow these steps and enjoy your suit not just when it is new but for many seasons to come!

Please contact us with any questions!

Finding Your True Pants Size

Measuring Tape

Get a soft measuring tape, a full length mirror and let’s get to business. Oh yeah, and you might want to be undressed or lightly clothed. Now pull your head out of the gutter and let’s begin our lesson on finding your correct pants size so we never have to see your plumber’s crack or ankle length floods again.

First you want to measure your waist size. Measure where you would ideally wear your pants. Put one finger between your body and tape. This is your waist size so jot it down.

Next let’s get to your hips. Stand with your legs about 5 to 6 inches apart. Measure the broadest part.

Inseam is critical for menswear. You’ll need to find someone trustworthy to measure from your crotch to the top of your shoe and again at just above the back of the heel, which is the ideal places for your pants to end. If you only have buddies who are going to bust a gut when you ask them, find a pair of pants that already fits you correctly and measure them from the crotch to the seam to avoid embarrassment and harassment.

While we’re here, we might as well mention your belt size. Wrap the tape over that same pair of well fitted pants or you can just order the belt one size larger than your waist.

And there you have it. You should never have to deal with ill fitting pants again.

Photo courtesy of Dora Mitsonia.

That Celebrity Style

Celebrities Who Look Great In a Suit

Want to be as unstoppable as some of the world’s most famous men? Then follow the lead of these three male celebrities and get yourself into a suit!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has become an institution not only in Hollywood but also in the fashion world. I’m sure every female in town will agree with me that he would look dashing even in rags but he takes extra effort to bring the class and charm when he wears his suits. If you’ve watched his latest movie The Tree of Life or have followed any of his public appearances, then you have probably spotted him wearing his suits in a few different ways. Brad gives the 3-piece apparel a different kind of kick when he wears it, whether with a tie, a plain shirt inside or with just a grin.

George Clooney
This guy is another celebrity who has brought back the suit in style. Clooney’s love affair with suits dates back well before his role in Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, which featured most or all characters in sharp bespoke couture, and it hasn’t  stopped. A lot of men wear jeans around town but George Clooney, with his classy suits, is a different breed. Rarely spotted not sporting formal wear he has managed to look free from the restrictions of the trends that come and go each year, embracing instead a timeless men’s style.

David Beckham

This top sportsman looks great in and out of his soccer uniform, especially when he is wearing a suit. We spied David Beckham wearing a crisp gray number with a silver tie during the North American tour of Prince William and he did not disappoint. The Ralph Lauren suit he wore during the recent highly publicized Royal Wedding made him look like royalty.

These three male celebrities continue to show the world that class and magnetism comes hand in hand. While they do not need to wear a Suit to look elegant, these men get noticed and enhance their image for going that extra mile. You can too but for a lot less money at SuitBargains.com.

Ralph Lauren Suits

Ralph Lauren Suits

Every man who aims to make it big in this world should of course own a quality suit. Make that suit a Ralph Lauren Suit. Whether socializing, at a job interview, business meetings or every day at work, you want the clothing you wear to intelligently project an aura of success.

There are many reasons why you should invest in a Ralph Lauren men’s suit and we have here the top three:

The Brand is Respected and Well Known

The Ralph Lauren brand alone is enough to make you stand up and take notice, no matter what type of clothing by the brand you may be wearing. Ralph Lauren has had decades to hone its particular take on menswear.  With that pursuit of excellence and the accompanying experience that it brings, Ralph Lauren has established itself as perhaps the #1 trusted high-end brand in the US and abroad, especially when it comes to men’s suits.

Ralph Lauren = Quality

The price of a suit should not be your only gauge when it comes to its quality. There are affordable Ralph Lauren suits that show craftsmanship in terms of fabric, pattern, construction, and cut. Most people judge a suit by its look and overall construction. In these two aspects, Lauren suits are hard to beat. This same dedication spans their entire line from formal to casual wear meaning that people from all walks of life can attest to and are impressed by this enduring style and quality.

Selection and Variety

There are a variety of styles available from the Ralph Lauren suit collection. You can choose from different suit styles including single-breasted suits, two or three-button dress suits, flat front or double pleated pants. In these formats you will find suits in pinstripe or solid styles in a variety of colors from the basic black and brown to the more fashionable olive suit and beyond.

When purchasing your next suit, buying Ralph Lauren will be a good investment in yourself and the image you want project. Surprisingly, thanks to SuitBargains.com it is now possible to find a reasonably-priced Ralph Lauren suit from the comfort of your computer.

Success, Elegance, and Old-World formality in Suits

Success, Elegance, and Old-World formality in Suits

For most men, dress suits remain a confusing combination of options and configurations. In this article, the DeCalo Fashion suit expert takes the mystery out of designer suit and suit separate configurations.

The most common type of a men’s suit includes two pieces, the jacket and the slacks. In the strictest sense, however, a business suit may also include a vest. Whether two or three components, one rule is always obeyed: all business suit pieces must be cut from the same fabric; if the fabric doesn’t match, it’s not much of a suit.

The basic design for a two-piece dress suit is as follows: two buttons on the front, with two side vents. You will also see three-button jackets with either a single back vent or two side vents. If a suit is single-breasted, the jacket will close with a single set of buttons. On the trousers, cuffs are optional.

Unlike single-breasted dress suits, the jacket of a double-breasted suit has two sets of buttons to hold the jacket closed as it wraps a little further around the waist. A double-breasted suit will never have a single back vent. Instead, two side vents are the standard.

The vest is what transforms an ordinary two-piece dress suit into a three-piece suit. In the past the vest was necessary for warmth and was a standard part of any men’s suit. After falling out of popularity the three piece suit (vest included) is starting to make a big comeback.

Of the types of dress suits discussed here, the two-piece suit is the most common for business attire; the double-breasted suit brings with it a heightened sense of elegance, and the three-piece carries with it a sense of old-world formality. Check SuitBargains.com  for first quality suits in any of these configurations.

Michael Kors Suits

Michael Kors suits

Michael Kors started in the fashion industry at the tender age of 19. by 1981 his Michael Kors label was launched at prestigious stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Although his line has expanded since his early days, he is proud to say that his vision has never strayed from his original of chic, luxurious Americana sportswear. A lot of men’s favorite women such as Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Simpson as well as stylish men such as Pierce Brosnan and usher continually sing Mr. Kor’s praises.

The Michael Kors website boasts a mission statement that states “The company’s heritage is rooted in producing polished, sleek, sophisticated Americana sportswear… and to bring our vision of a jet-set luxury lifestyle to women and men around the globe.” with beautiful women fawning at his feet and stylish men asking for his fashion advice, it’s no wonder SuitBargains.com has selected Michael Kors and his suits to represent a large part of their collection. Don’t you want all that in your next suit?

To Button or Not to Button… Now That is the Question!

Suit buttons

When wearing a suit or sports coat, when is the appropriate time to fasten the bottom buttons? The answer is that 99.5% of the time, never; but there’s always margin for error or that exception to the rule. You have King Edward VII to thank for this more comfortable approach to suiting up.

King Edward VII, also known as Bertie, son of Queen Victoria (1814-1910) became so heavy in life that he could not button the darn tootin last buttons on his vests, coats and jackets. Or it could’ve possibly been that he might’ve just not seen them due to his bulging stomach. Regardless, his subjects began to follow their majesties lead and left their bottom buttons undone as well. So thanks to Bertie’s eating habits and need for more comfortable attire, the trend still sticks today.

Most single breasted suits have one to three buttons. Two and three buttons are classic cuts while one is a bit more fashion forward and more suitable for social times than business times. Fastening the top two or the middle button in most circumstances is acceptable. If there is a fourth button, unfortunately it was probably made for all of them to be buttoned up, even that lousy fourth one down.

Double breasted suits are deemed more formal and usually have four to six buttons. They are often identified in a number such as 4/2. The first number gives the total number of buttons and the second gives the number of functioning buttonholes. Button accordingly.